!ban is a command for Special:Chat that allows to ban users entering a simple syntax on the message input.



!ban (similarly to !kick) is used to ban a user on the chat, by typing in the following syntax:


The USER NAME parameter doesn't need to contain underscores replacing the spaces. It is case-sensitive (except for the first letter — it's capitalized automatically)
The BAN LENGTH parameter goes after the for keyword and it can contain values like 2 weeks, 1 month, and 20 minutes. It is case-insensitive.
The BAN REASON parameter goes after the because keyword.

Additionally, you can set a variable with the default time to be used in case an invalid time token is given (it must be set in seconds):

var defCBanDuration = 1200; // Equals to 20 minutes. Default is 1 day. (86400)
// Import...


This script prevents you from banning yourself, so in case you input your own username on the USER NAME parameter it will show an inline-alert that reads:

You can't ban yourself.

If an invalid time is given, or it's not set, it will use the window.defCBanDuration variable time (which must be set in seconds) or, if it's undefined, it will give a day ban. It will show this inline-alert:

Ban time was invalid or undefined; default time was used.

Also note that chat mods can't use this script to ban admins or staff and wiki-managers as those groups have chat admin and chat staff abilities respectively that prevent them from being banned by other chat mod groups.

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