AddBlockUserTag adds a button to the user profile masthead to block that user. It shows the button only for the Admin, GDM, SOAP, Helper, Wiki Manager, and Staff usergroups.


Known Bugs

This script does not work with AddUserRightsTag and EditcountTag.


v1.0 — March 6, 2018
TheGoldenPatrik1: Initial revision
v1.1 — March 11, 2018
TheGoldenPatrik1: Change to no longer use tag class, making it more compatible.
v1.2 — March 20, 2018
KockaAdmiralac: Rewrite
v1.3 — June 25, 2018
TheGoldenPatrik1: Remove Monobook Support
v1.4 — March 25, 2019
TheGoldenPatrik1: Use Fetch
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