For a script that can generally delete pages fast, see AjaxDelete.
AjaxCommentDelete is a script that allows deletion of comments without leaving the article page comment is on by adding an "Ajax Delete" button to every comment. When clicked, the button opens a modal asking for entering a deletion reason.


Importing multiple scripts? This quick guide shows how to combine the imports.
  • For site-wide use, an administrator can add the line below to the wiki's MediaWiki:ImportJS page.
  • For personal use, add the code snippet below to your global.js page (for use on all wikis) or your common.js page on your wiki (for use on a single wiki). Note that personal JS must be enabled for your account.
    type: 'script',
    articles: [


You can configure the script to delete comments without prompting for a reason every time, by inserting the following code in your common.js or global.js:

window.AjaxCommentDeleteConfig = {
    fastDelete: "The reason for deletion of the comment. You can modify this text!"

The above code is provided as an example configuration and isn't necessary for the script to work.


Initial revision
Added fastDelete configuration option.
Better internationalization system
General reformatting
Not using Wikia's code bindings anymore.
Changed i18n system to use I18n-js library instead of the non-standardized system.
Moved to Dev Wiki.
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