AjaxDelete allows you to delete and undelete pages without leaving the page you're on, by showing a deletion modal when you click on any delete or undelete link. The modal can also be opened by pressing the "D" key on a page.

Note: The modal won't open if you're holding either the shift or control key. This is to allow users to access the delete and undelete pages normally.


The delete modal will show up when you click on any ?action=delete link, using it is pretty self-explanatory. Select one of the generic delete/undelete reasons or type your own on the input. You can specify the reason further if you choose a common reason and input your own at the same time, which would appear as: <common reason>: <further ellaboration>. Check the "Watch this page" box if you wish to follow the article and then click "Delete" to delete it, or "Cancel" to close the modal.

When undeleting, a modal will pop up prompting you to input a reason. Clicking "Restore" will undelete the page, and "Cancel" will close the modal.


All custom variables are under the window.AjaxDelete object.

To set custom delete reasons, you just need to add to the window.AjaxDelete.deleteReasons object in the syntax: 'time to submit': 'time to display',. And to set custom reasons for images, add to the window.AjaxDelete.imageDeleteReasons object in the same syntax.

The "Watch this page" checkbox is checked by default. To stop this behavior, set the window.AjaxDelete.autoCheckWatch boolean to false.

The script also provides an AJAX Undelete modal. If you don't wish for this to appear, you can set window.AjaxDelete.noUndelete boolean to true.

If you wish the page to reload after deleting or undeleting instead of just showing the banner, set window.AjaxDelete.reload boolean to true.

Example configuration:

window.AjaxDelete = {
    deleteReasons: {
        '[[w:Help:Vandalism|Vandalism]]': 'Vandalism',
        '[[w:Help:Spam|Spam]]': 'Spam',
        'Marked for speedy deletion': 'Speedy',
        'Empty page': 'Empty',
        'Author request': 'Author request',
        'Irrelevant to <insert wiki topic here>': 'Irrelevant',
        'Failed to comply with the [[Project:Manual of Style|manual of style]] for over 6 months': 'MoS'
    imageDeleteReasons: {
        'Offensive': 'Offensive',
        'Inappropriate': 'Inappropriate',
        'Harassment': 'Harassment',
        'Housekeeping/Unused': 'Unused',
        'Copyright infringement': 'Copyright',
        'Author request': 'Author request'
    autoCheckWatch: false,
    noUndelete: true,
    reload: true

All default values from the dropdowns are taken from their respective MediaWiki pages (MediaWiki:Deletereason-dropdown and MediaWiki:Filedelete-reason-dropdown).

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