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This script is no longer maintained, and may not work on the UCP platform.
Please use QuickDiff instead.

AjaxDiff allows you to inspect diffs and provides many useful features, all of which are available without leaving the page.


  • Inspect diffs on Special:WikiActivity, Special:RecentChanges, and Special:Contributions.
  • Navigate between revisions of a page.
  • Navigate between edits on WikiActivity.
  • Preview page.
  • Instantly rollback latest edit.
  • Instantly block user (only available if you are Staff, SOAP, Helper, Wiki-Manager, or Sysop).



The script provides 3 customizable options under the object AjaxDiff.

Name Description Possible values Default Data type
ignore Disable script on specified pages. WikiActivity, Recentchanges, Contributions -- Array
expiry Block duration infinite, years, months, days, hours, minutes "3 days" String
reason Block reason Any "Vandalism" String

You can change the options by adding this before the import statement:

AjaxDiff = {
    ignore: ["Recentchanges", "Contributions"],
    expiry: "1 week",
    reason: "Spam"

The above options will disable this script on Special:RecentChanges and Special:Contributions, default block duration is "1 week" and block reason is "Spam".


21 May 2019
KhangND: Support for Special:Recentchanges and Special:Contributions.
20 May 2019
KhangND: CSS fix for dark-themed wikis.
17 May 2019
KhangND: Code rewrite, i18n support, major fixes and improvements.
26 December 2014
Gguigui1: Improvements and fix minor issues.
24 December 2014
Gguigui1: Add navigation arrows.
23 December 2014
Gguigui1: Script published.
Text above can be found here (edit)