AjaxDiff allows you to inspect diffs and stay in WikiActivity. It is easier to check edits, and you can also revoke and block quickly while remaining on the WikiActivity page, instead of opening many tabs. You can also quickly view the diff of each edit from the Wiki Activity by navigate with ↑ (to see next edit) and ↓ (to see previous edit).

Note: Even if there is no visual difference of the block button, you won't be able to block the user if you don't have the block permission.

You can also Preview the page if you click in the "Show page" button or show its name with "Display page's name" button.


Default values

You can change the default values for expiry and reason block by adding this before the import statement:

AjaxDiff = {
    expiry: "1 week",
    reason: "Spam"

And changing "1 week" and "Spam" by the values you want. By default, expiry is 3 days and reason is Spam.


  • 26 December 2014: Improvements and fix minor issues.
  • 24 December 2014: Add navigation arrows.
  • 23 December 2014: Script published.
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