AlternatingLists modifies the list-style attribute of HTML lists in an alternating pattern based on indentation or list depth.



Unordered lists (*/<ul>) are modified by default; top level list items display as disks, second level items display as circles, third level items go back to displaying as disks, and so on. These are called “alternations,” with levels 1, 3, and 5 being the first alternation, while levels 2 and 4 are the second alternation. Alternations for both unordered lists and ordered lists (#/<ol>) can be customized using the following CSS variable configuration pasted below the import:

:root {
    /* First <ul> alternation */
    --al-ul1-type: disc;
    --al-ul1-position: outside;
    --al-ul1-image: none;
    /* Second <ul> alternation */
    --al-ul2-type: circle;
    --al-ul2-position: outside;
    --al-ul2-image: none;
    /* First <ol> alternation */
    --al-ol1-type: decimal;
    --al-ol1-position: outside;
    --al-ol1-image: none;
    /* Second <ol> alternation */
    --al-ol2-type: decimal;
    --al-ol2-position: outside;
    --al-ol2-image: none;


  • type refers to list-style-type — accepts values listed here
  • position refers to list-style-position — accepts outside or inside
  • image refers to list-style-image — accepts URL values
  • If no ordered list alternations are defined, there is no change to ordered lists.

Example configuration

:root {
    --al-ul1-type: square;
    --al-ul1-position: outside;
    --al-ul1-image: url("");
    --al-ul2-type: disc;
    --al-ul2-position: outside;
    --al-ul2-image: url("");
    --al-ol1-type: upper-greek;
    --al-ol1-position: inside;
    --al-ol1-image: none;
    --al-ol2-type: upper-latin;
    --al-ol2-position: inside;
    --al-ol2-image: none;


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