ArchivePoll is a script that allows archiving polls with "Archive Poll" button located right after "Vote!" button.

How it works

The script gathers poll data and results and save them to the archive page. Users can customize the archive target page and format poll results before saving.



The window.ArchivePoll object contains 3 customizable options:

  • archive: Change archive page which the poll results will be saved (default: Project:Archived Polls)
  • preformat: Enable/disable popup to format poll results before saving (default: true)
  • format: Predefine a format for poll results. Arguments (these are meant to be unchanged):
    • $question: Poll question
    • $answer: Poll answer
    • $vote: Number of answer votes
    • $total: Total number of votes
    • $date: Poll created date
    • $time: Poll created time
window.ArchivePoll = {
   archive: 'Project:Archived Polls',
   preformat: true,
   '== $question ==\
   \n* $answer: $vote\
   \n: Total: $total\
   \n: Created: $date - $time'


25 May, 2019
KhangND: Support format customization.
24 May, 2019
KhangND: Initial release.
Text above can be found here (edit)
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