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ArchiveTool allows for the easy archiving of talk pages on your wiki.


Select single lines, sections or the whole talk page simply by clicking.
Simply hit the "archive" button, select the lines/sections you want to archive, then hit "Save".
Multi-language support
Supports ISO 639-1 localization.



If you would like to change the options, insert the following above the script import:

window.ArchiveToolConfig = { 
   archiveListTemplate: 'Archives',
   archivePageTemplate: 'Archive_page',
   archiveSubpage: 'Archive',
   userLang: true

For an explanation of the available options, see "Options" below.

Please note that the ArchiveList template requires the DynamicPageList extension to be enabled on your wiki and this script automatically assumes it is present. You can find out if this extension is enabled by searching for "DynamicPageList" on Special:Version at your wiki. If it is not present, you will need to contact Fandom to request that it be enabled, otherwise the ArchiveList template will not generate any results and display raw code.


The name of the template that will be placed on top of the talk page, linking to the different archives.
The name of the template that will be placed on top of the archive page, explaining that it is an archive.
The subpage name of archived pages on your wiki. For example, setting this to "Storage" would mean archived talk pages on your wiki are named "Talk:Example/Storage 1" etc.
By default, the script tries to display messages in the following languages:
  1. The user's language (specified in their preferences)
  2. The wiki's content language
  3. English if there are no messages in a desired language.
You can disable this by setting the userLang option to false.


Date Description Author
June 30, 2009 ArchiveTool finished and posted up. Dantman
November 24, 2010 Added support for Monobook & Oasis.

Added "abort" button.
Fix for script not recognizing custom "ArchiveList" template on target page.

November 25, 2010 Added support for multiple languages (using function by Dantman).

Changed config mechanism & added option to specify name of archive pages.

November 29, 2010 Made script use proper button mechanism for each skin. Porter21
December 14, 2010 Cosmetic changes. Porter21
May 22, 2011 Small change to address warnings which appeared in the error console of certain browsers. Porter21
May 24, 2011 Added check for user blog comments and tidied up variable names for skin-specific settings. Porter21
June 30, 2011 Removed enclosing '' for "archiving from/to" messages. Porter21
September 5, 2011 Update for new user page masthead (Wikia skin). Porter21
November 20, 2011 Fixed bug which prevented saving archives with numbers greater than 10. Porter21
November 21, 2011 Added Polish translation. MarkosBoss
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