ArticleRating agrega un módulo de calificación en cada página de artículo y permite la calificación.


Como funciona

El script carga y guarda los datos de calificación desde y hacia un almacenamiento (Module:Rating-storage) en la wiki para cada acción de calificación realizada por los usuarios y anónimos.



El window.ArticleRating proporciona las siguientes opciones personalizables:

Option Description Data type Default value
title Changes the module title String
'Rate This Article'
values Changes rating values Array of strings
['Worst', 'Bad', 'Average', 'Good', 'Great']
starSize Changes width and height of the stars respectively Array of integers
[24, 24]
starColor Changes colors of unrated and rated stars respectively Array of strings
['#ccc', '#ffba01']
starStroke Changes stroke color of stars String
exclude Disables the module on these pages Array of strings -
location Changes the module location. Accepted values: top-rail, bottom-rail, bottom-page String


To use the above customized options, add the following code to a local JS page on your wiki and change the values to your needs:

window.ArticleRating = {
    title: 'Rate This Article',
    values: ['Worst', 'Bad', 'Average', 'Good', 'Great'],
    starSize: [24, 24],
    starColor: ['#ccc', '#ffba01'],
    starStroke: '#000',
    exclude: ['Page A', 'Page B']
    location: 'top-rail'

Nota personal

If you want to disable this module for the entire wiki, add the following code to your personal JS:

window.ArticleRatingLoaded = true;


  • Due to the script's mechanism, Special:RecentChanges might be flooded with edits to the storage, to hide these edits, exclude the "Module" namespace from the dropdown list or append ?namespace=828&invert=1 to the URL.
  • Once you rate an article, you won't be able to rate again until you reload the page. This is to reduce abusing rate and flooding Special:RecentChanges.

Que hacer



  • More detailed view

Registro de cambios

v2.5 - June 26, 2019
KhangND: Added options: exclude, location. Insights bugfix.
v2.4 - June 23, 2019
KhangND: Insights: added pagination, bugfix for anon.
v2.3 - June 19, 2019
KhangND: New Insights page (Special:ArticleRating).
v1.3 - June 17, 2019
KhangND: Improved UI, rating details.
v1.2 - June 10, 2019
KhangND: Allowed anon rating, minor bugfix.
v1.1 - June 4, 2019
KhangND: Major improvements.
v1.0 - June 3, 2019
KhangND: Initial revision.
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