This article is about a system or feature that is no longer in use.

The page is retained for historical reasons.

Reason: No longer supported. Please use MassEdit instead.

AutoEditPages can automatically append or prepend the same text on many pages that you can add by categories. This script adds a button in "My Tools" in your user bar at the bottom of the screen and a button in your user drop-down menu when you hover your avatar at the top of the script. Even if your edits are automatically marked minor, it is strongly recommended to have a bot flag when you use this script, especially if the number of pages is big because it can flood the wiki activity and the wiki. Use it carefully and ask local administrators agreement before use it.


You can edit all pages from a category directly from the form. To do this, type in the last input the name of the category and click on "Add pages from the category". All pages of this category will be automatically be added to the "Pages" text-area.

You can also remove a template from the selected pages by typing in the name of the template in the "Remove template from the pages above" field. So, if you want to remove the delete template, type Delete in that field. Note: The script makes 1 edit per second, so if you have many pages, it may take several minutes.

This script can replace AWB for people who can't use it or people who prefer using JavaScript.

Known Issues

  • Errors will be returned after that "Done !" would be appended to the error box.
  • Parent templates (template with another template in it) are not supported.
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