BalancedUCX is a script that is designed to fix the errors of the new Fandom skin and improve some points in it. Remember: we are not reviving Oasis, we are trying to improve UCX.


  • All huge margins and paddings between paragraphs are fixed. Now they look like Oasis ones.
  • We return the promised buttons for editing sections from the demo screenshots of the skin.
  • Before UCX and UCP slider style.
  • The theme of the infobox "Europa" is back. The color adapts to any wiki color scheme, including the dark theme.
  • 2 and 3 headers look like Oasis ones.
  • Fixed community page margins.
  • Fixed li margins.
  • Fixed article-table and wikitable paddings.
  • Fixed mw-datatable theme styling.
  • Fixed History page theme styling.
  • Fixed Footer header font color.
  • Fixed bug with huge photos and white panels in "File:" namespace.
  • Fixed large margins and downshifts in local navigation.
  • Improved interwiki design.
  • Fixed huge page header. Font size is taken from Wikipedia.
  • Includes full BalancedComments, BalancedProfile, BalancedBloglists & UCPEditorMinimal.

You can add something else here to improve the overall design.

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