BilibiliVideo is a script that can let you add H5 VideoPlayer(video with danmaku) on the page for video from is bilibili).

Note: This script cannot display Bilibili videos that require logging in, and will show a short error video instead. Such videos are generally restricted by copyright and are only allowed to be viewed in mainland China.




<div class="BiliVideo" data-av="AV number" data-param="video param" data-size="player width"></div>
  • data-av:AV number of video.General at the end of the url.Only number
  • data-param:Param of video.If the video has only one param, leave it blank.Only number
  • data-size:Width of player.Height will be adjusted automatically.Number ending with % or px
  • ☆You'd better add some text include the div block for mobile users like:<div class="BiliVideo" data-av="123" data-param="1" data-size="100%">[ Watch this video]</div>.Text will not display for oasis skin.


If you want to show まふまふ‘s 病名は愛だった from

<div class="BiliVideo" data-av="14661594" data-param="" data-size="80%"></div>

See effect in infobox or Here.

See also template:

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