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BlockSummary adds a block summary of a blocked user on their User namespace pages. Its purpose is to provide more information about a user's block on a wiki, along with easy accessibility for users to see the block and traceability to the wiki of the user's block from a physical, displayed link. It also serves to show information for block questioning and appealing (if appeal is applicable).

BlockSummary provides the following information about a user's block:

  • Username - provides username of blocked user
  • Block ID - unqiue block ID of user's local block
  • Block Perfomer - provides username and link of user who conducted the local block.
  • Block Timestamp - start time of block
  • Block Expiry - end time of block
  • Block Reason - reason given by block performer


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Version Date Description
v1.3 August 5, 2022 Simplifying code by using "mw.config" object
v1.2.1 July 16, 2022 Minor change to seeing if a path to class/id exists.
v1.2 July 11, 2022 Adding the user's block log as a block information.
v1.1.1 July 9, 2022 "sitename" may sometimes be undefined. Ensuring that the data grabbed from the API is loaded and retrieved.
v1.1 June 29, 2022 Physically showing link of user's block for easy traceability and showing language code of wiki (e.g., "es", "ru", "fr", etc.) if user blocked on a wiki is not an English wiki. English wikis will not show language code.
v1.0 June 27, 2022 Initial revision
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