• IrTriskit

    Beyond Remote

    July 17, 2020 by IrTriskit

    Remote work is quickly becoming the norm in the tech industry, but that was definitely not the case pre-2020. At D&D Beyond, we’ve always had some remote staff, but the vast majority of our team has been collocated at our office in Huntsville, Alabama. Historically, there were two main concerns around embracing more remote work - communication and culture.

    As I mentioned, we were already working with some remote folks, but that certainly had some challenges. Most of our important communication happened in-office and in a lot of cases required you to be in close proximity to the conversation or else you’d probably miss out. Even having a desk on the opposite side of the office presented problems, let alone on the other side of the country or…

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  • Raz Mail


    July 10, 2020 by Raz Mail

    Hello all,

    I am here to get some good things for my experience on Fandom as a discussion Moderator. Could any of you tell me the best tools on here?


    Raz Mail (Message Wall • Contribs)

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  • Kviatkovsky

    Developers that take the challenge of breaking the monolith in their iOS codebase and splitting it into separate modules face another problem: How to best manage multiple .xcodeproj files and potential conflict resolution on them? Fortunately, there’s a really convenient tool called XcodeGen that makes it quite easy – it generates the .xcodeproj files based on the YAML files stored in the codebase. Using YAML files greatly simplifies conflict resolution since you no longer need to version control .xcodeproj files. Instead, you can define your project with a much simpler syntax.

    However, when you have a bunch of dynamic framework targets with dependencies between them and other third party dependencies, like Carthage-built libraries, managin…

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  • Andrzej Łukaszewski

    In 2007 Steve Souders wrote a book High Performance Web Sites which was the first book I read about web performance. Two years later he published another book with a catchy title Even Faster Web Sites which I also read and I recommend both of them as a great source of basics in the web performance world.

    However, the first one is really special in my opinion because 10 out of 14 pieces of advice are connected to the frontend. This led to forming the golden rule of web performance which I’d like every web developer to know: “Only 10-20% of the end user response time is spent downloading the HTML document. The other 80-90% is spent downloading all the components in the page”.

    With the golden rule of web performance in mind let’s fast-forward to…

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  • Gaperlinski

    Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time on a side project that focuses on converting real-time data obtained from AVCaptureSession into H.264 and AAC streams and saving them to an .mp4 file. While AVFoundation offers developers a pretty straightforward way of converting CMSampleBuffer into the desired format by means of AVAssetWriterInput and relevant output settings, I was unable to use that API because my use case required me to have direct access to converted raw bytes before they got appended to the target file.

    In my case, I needed to utilize VTCompressionSession and AudioConverter in order to encode the data and then pass the resulting CMSampleBuffers to AVAssetWriter. I’m not going to get into the details of compression here; …

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  • Damian Bielecki

    Our journey with tree shaking and some nuisance we had to face.

    In Ad Engineering we work on AdEngine our library for managing ads, as well as on integrating that library with various sites (apps) we support. So, we have a library and multiple apps that we need to adjust for tree shaking to work.

    For building library (AdEngine) we use Typescript with Rollup.

    For building apps we use Typescript with Webpack.

    Before tree shaking we used to split AdEngine into separate modules to limit bundle size. That solution was hard to maintain and did not yield expected results. Every module was an autonomous unit and it usually meant including duplicates of code in each of them. Moreover, it was not clear how to split modules for the best efficiency as app…

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  • Dorotamierzwa15

    Sroka is an open source Python library that enables quick access to various data sources (e.g. S3, Athena, Google Ad Manager). Name of this library comes from Polish language - “sroka” means magpie.

    Having introduced Sroka to the public in the first Medium article , I want to now share an example of a real analysis, where Sroka shows a wide spectrum of its capabilities (though not all of it!). As an Ads Data Analyst, I will show Sroka usage in a project that leveraged advertising technology. If you are interested in how to use Sroka to access specific data source, feel free to jump straight to the respective section.

    Before diving into the code I would like to point out major benefits of using Sroka in data analyses:

    • Simplicity - after initia…

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  • Amelable

    Optimizing the advertising strategy has recently become even more challenging than it used to be. The main reason for this is the overall declining CTR, which is the ratio between clicks and impressions, one of the key metrics in digital advertising. One cause for this observed trend might be the growing importance of the web as a sales channel and the resulting need to advertise online. The amount of unique online advertisements has grown tremendously over the years, severely impacting the user experience on websites¹. Ads became more and more intrusive due to the competition, resulting in a growing amount of people using ad-blocking tools². This trend caused the development of the banner blindness phenomenon which describes the fact that…

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  • Nikodamn

    End-to-end tests are useful tool for checking if current state of an application meets business requirements. In Fandom we put a lot of emphasis on such tests and ensuring that those needs are met along with application changes to make sure that we deliver the best possible experience for our users.

    In this article series I’d like to present how to create functional tests in WebdriverIO, integrate them with Jenkins, containerize, scale and setup a good-looking test reports dashboard with Allure and implement a Continuous Deployment solution. But let’s start from the beginning.

    WebdriverIO (or just wdio) is an Open Source test framework for Node.js. Currently it’s one of the most popular testing frameworks in the JS automation world next to S…

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  • Damian Bielecki

    This article is part of a Jenkins CLI series in which we describe how we built CLI application for executing a series of parallel Jenkins Jobs in a terminal.

    Jenkins Jobs Runner is a library powered by Jenkins RxJs that enables sequential execution of n batches, each of m parallel jobs. On top of that, it provides a visual interface to display the current status of jobs.

    Jenkins Jobs Runner takes as an input array of JobBatchDescriptor object. They are expressed through an interface:

    import { JobBuildOptions } from 'jenkins';
    export interface JobBatchDescriptor { displayName: T1; jobDescriptor: JobDescriptor[]; }
    export interface JobDescriptor { displayName: T; opts: JobBuildOptions; }

    Then, for each batch it follows this simple schema:


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  • Bielik20

    Jenkins RxJs

    August 20, 2019 by Bielik20

    This article is part of the Jenkins CLI series in which we describe how we built CLI application for executing a series of parallel Jenkins Jobs in a terminal

    Jenkins RxJs is a small wrapper library on top of the Jenkins npm package that can be used in CLI, node, or browser environment. It encapsulates the whole process of starting a job and tracking it in a quiet, queue and build states. The consumer of the library simply executes run command with job options and receives a stream of JobResponse objects.

    This diagram describes the entire process:

    And JobReponse can be expressed in the following interfaces:

    type JobStatus = 'FAILURE' | 'SUCCESS' | 'PROGRESS';
    type JobResponse = JobProgress | JobDone;
    interface JobResponseBase { name: string; …

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  • Mech.wikia

    In the first few months of 2019, we switched all our communities to HTTPS and migrated them to new domains. That switch is the end of a year-long project during which we touched several pieces of our infrastructure. This blog post summarizes the project, from planning through execution up to the results of the switch.

    The decision to switch to HTTPS was a no brainer for us. We've been serving our login pages over HTTPS for quite a long time, but the wikis themselves were still using the unencrypted HTTP protocol. With the whole Web moving towards encrypted connections, browsers showing warnings on HTTP pages, HTTP/2 available only on HTTPS and possibly some search ranking drawbacks of not having HTTPS by default, we decided it was time to s…

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  • ShadicalCZ


    April 11, 2019 by ShadicalCZ

    first blog by me

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  • Brudne plaze

    As in most companies, at the end of the year everything seems to slow down. December is the month of closing budgets, focusing on platform stability and starting of holidays season that results with a pause in release cycles. Last year, we took this time and allowed ourselves to do a small experiment, a fun engineering project, which we affectionately called PIGS and I would like to share with you its results.

    A few years ago, one of the product teams released Portable Infoboxes. PI’s are the tables that usually contain rich metadata related to the article topic, they have key — value table structure, are usually placed in the top right corner of article and are built using wikitext templates. If you’d take a closer look you would notice th…

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  • JCel

    AWS Athena Alerter

    February 6, 2019 by JCel

    Athena is a convenient big data query engine offered by AWS. It quickly got adopted in our company by multiple departments, however, its serverless nature has also created the risk of our Athena bill getting out of hand.

    Our data set contains terabytes of data and it’s easy to write a very expensive query. The users can avoid such a scenario by using partitions which allow them to limit the amount of accessed data to only the time period of interest. However, when working on a report in an external tool or implementing some complex queries, it’s easy to make a mistake or forget about partitioning. Also, external tools often do not show the amount of data scanned, so it’s not so easy to keep a track of it.

    We decided to create a tool which wi…

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  • Rogue maltron

    plagarism tool

    January 12, 2019 by Rogue maltron

    is anyone interested in creating a plagarism tool with me for intergraton with fandom?

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  • NanciDS

    Hi Everyone, when will you create the successor of the Monobook skin?, I want a fandom skin based on the Wikipedia Vector skin, where the same features as Wikipedia, for all the monobook communities that miss that Wikia skin but want one appeared to Wikipedia, Vector.

    Can you create it for me?

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  • Laclale

    Anyone can help?

    November 30, 2018 by Laclale

    I made my track module, but didn't display values.

    w:c:ja.ocraviutl:GH_GetAudio for preview and what I written.


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  • Wiki-o-slay

    At FANDOM we believe our applications should be resilient, that is they should be able to recover from failures and while the failure occurs still be useful for the users. Health checks are one of the ways to make applications self-healing.

    The idea is that the health checks detect when an instance of the application reaches an invalid state. A supervisor monitors those health checks and attempts to fix any issues. Depending on your platform the action might be different.

    Many frameworks (like Dropwizard and Spring) and platforms (like Kubernetes and Marathon) encourage you to implement health checks for your web applications.

    When a health check fails, AWS will stop sending requests to that instance. That’s pretty straightforward — we suspec…

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  • Jrogan92


    July 23, 2018 by Jrogan92

    As the GDPR deadline has come and past, our team has reflected on its efforts of building the front-end library. The task was to build a front-end modal which FANDOM would integrate across its web products. For obvious reasons (a $20 million fine), we set a strict zero tolerance level for any failures. Our goal from the outset was to create the most well tested piece of code at FANDOM.

    The first problem we had to tackle was being able to reliably detect where in the world the user currently viewing a given page is visiting from. Our network provider Fastly provides a Geo Detection service through its Varnish servers. This exposes a wealth of information, but most importantly, an ISO 3166-2 country code associated with the client IP address.…

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  • JoeyPknowsalotaboutthat

    Is it possible to install or create a custom Vector skin, or make Oasis more like Vector, for my wiki, ? It does not need to be the default, but I do need it. The retired Monobook skin was my default, and thus, I need a non-dev alternative. Please answer this question. Thank you. Joey P. (Talk) (Contact) 04:29, June 18, 2018 (UTC)

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  • RainyShadow


    May 26, 2018 by RainyShadow

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  • Rogue maltron

    there is a wiki out there and i invite all  of you to join its much like the dev wiki but there we do more of testing before releasing our finished script to the dev wiki i have to tally failed to develop words for this blog so in essence just join

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  • RubberDuckie3


    January 29, 2017 by RubberDuckie3

    guys this will help you

    Here is the test wiki, i use it for CSS tests

    you need to add this code to your Wikia CSS

    You can change Comic Sans MS to anything you want

    First, you will need to insert this code

    However you may run into problems with the Icons having a blue frame around them, the simplest solution is to remove the Icons using this code. Also you can change the Hex code and border to anything you want (Just dont make it too big)

    This will make the links have a cool effect on them when hovered

    TIP: You can add :hover to something to make the Styling activate on hover

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  • Saftzie
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  • Bognix

    For the time being we are using TypeScript in our Mercury project.

    If you want to know what TypeScript is I recommend this article  or official documentation.  Long story short TypeScirpt is a typed superset of JavaScript which compiles to (readable) JavaScript.

    If you want to know more about Mercury here you can find small description or if you prefer to read code instead of articles here is the link to the github repo.

    It's typed

    When there is 40+ developers working on one project it's hard to keep up with all the changes. Having types makes it easier to understand parts of code you didn't know exist.

    You can create interfaces for custom objects. It discourages anti patterns like passing object around and adding more and more properties to it…

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  • Danuhau

    User tags

    November 4, 2014 by Danuhau

    Are there any of you who are good at submitting custom user tags? I tried to follow the recipe from this page [1], but it did not give any result. I think the difficulties began when I had to edit three pages to get it done, which are these: [2], [3] and [4]. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! :)

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  • Flawless Diva


    June 15, 2014 by Flawless Diva

    Hi - can one of you please invent a Common.js personal modification to disable Visual Editor on all wikis? I really need it right now. Thanks --Audrey

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  • Снежны Принц

    1 Давакину в видений явиляита призрак Снежнова Принца и открывает способ излечит снежных эльфов , смосит толка смертны ставши богам.

    2 На острове Артэум Давакин мести с советом Артэума и помучу Ога Макнуса открывают врата в этериум.

    3 в этериями довакин проходит 7 испытания Макнуса и в накраду апритает божественную сущность ,знания Макнуса и способность приврашата в Мизраэля (Disciples 3) .

    4 Давакин восврасаета в Тамприэли излечивает снежны эльф . Забытой долине восстанавливает культуру снежны эльфов и основывает новую страну снежных эльфов.

    Давакин в Скайрими основыйт новые поселения снежных эльфов .  

    5 Великом Хротгори Давакин с  ситопоротые, проводят переговоры месту нортами и снежными эльфами о союзе месту двумя расами.

    6 Довакин восстаёт …

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  • Seadrus

    Is it possible to create a new parameter for the user pages?

    To clarifiy, examples that already exist are as follows:





    and I'm trying to create:


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  • Penguin-Pal

    Self-destructive code

    November 27, 2013 by Penguin-Pal

    Hi there,

    If you're looking for a way of creating a script that not only uses conditions to decide whether or not to apply it but are also looking for a method of completely removing it from a certain script page, maybe you'd find this useful.

    Basically the syntax of this code isn't too long. It's made of:

    • A function to begine with, to make it work.
    • Wrapping "tags" to be used as some sort of anchors, to determine what part of the code to remove.
    • A certain code to do, placed between the wrapping tags.
    • A condition, also trapped between the "anchors". If it's true then trigger the self-destruction code.

    When and if the condition is true, it then would use $.getJSON to get the content of the JS page on which the code is found, remove the requested "a…

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  • Seadrus

    Another Design Question

    November 22, 2013 by Seadrus

    Hello there.

    This is Seadrus with another question about the mystery of life. Wikia.

    I was wondering if it was possible to edit the user page layout. I know this is kind of an odd question, but I was also wondering if you could do so for both all user pages and/or just a certain user's user page/

    Thanks to anyone who helps,

    Seadrus, Seadrus's User Page Talk Page Support me! 01:58, November 22, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Seadrus

    Not entirely sure if this is the right place to do this, but it is technical.

    My site needs a major spice-up.

    1. If anyone knows how to do the header and edit buttons custom (like here: ), I NEED TO KNOW!
    2. Does anyone know how to make the color for a user (like an admin) a separate color? I have searched the internet with tutorials that don't work on my wiki.
    3. By the way, my wiki is
    4. Again with the custom Dr. What - How did they customize... everything? Esp. the 'recent activity', 'Chat welcome messages' and the time on the top-right corner, near your name.
    5. Is there a way to change the alignment of the chat so that the textboxes could be…
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  • Mathmagician

    Hey everyone,

    So, I've recently created a couple of a boilerplate templates [ , Template:ConfigOptions, with possibility for more to follow ] aimed at educating end-users of JavaScript. These boilerplate templates are designed to...

    • Prevent script authors from having to write the same general information over and over again on their informational pages. E.g. "config options need to come before the import statement" — that's general information that's true for most scripts.
    • Summarize key points in a concise, reader friendly format
    • Contain useful, educational code examples that readers can generalize upon
    • Make information attention-grabbing and immediately accessible in the articles themselves, rather than tucked away in Help: pages that people m…
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  • Benjaminthewill123123

    The other day I was thinking about a way to only load scripts that I need on certain namespaces, so... I came up with this.

    var Loaded = '1'; if (wgNamespaceNumber == "-1"){var Loaded = '0'; importArticles({ type: "script", articles: [ "w:c:creepypasta:MediaWiki:AjaxRefresh.js", "w:c:creepypasta:MediaWiki:NoLightBox.js", "w:c:creepypasta:MediaWiki:AJAXRollback.js", "w:c:dev:WHAM/code.js",]});} if (wgNamespaceNumber == "0"){var Loaded = '0'; importArticles({ type: "script", articles: [ "w:c:creepypasta:MediaWiki:Redlinks.js", "w:c:creepypasta:MediaWiki:AJAXRollback.js", "w:c:creepypasta:MediaWiki:AjaxUndo.js", "w:c:dev:AjaxPatrol/code.js",]});} if (wgNamespaceNumber == "1"){var Loaded = '0'; importArticles({ type: "script", articles: ["w:c:dev:Sine/code.js",]});} if (wgNamespaceNumber == "2"… Read more >
  • Benjaminthewill123123

    First off I want to add AJAX to the code below so It doesn't refresh the page once it's done but rather adds a confirmation message to the button once it is done removing the red links. I have no idea how to begin, I have tried combining it with other AJAX scripts such as Quick delete and AJAX RC with no luck. Any help would be appreciated!

    /******************************************************/ /* Red Link Fixer */ /* Idea by Madnessfan34537 */ /* Code by Madnessfan34537 and Monchoman45 */ /******************************************************/   $('#WikiHeader').append('<a class="wikia-button" onclick="this.innerHTML = span class="es0" style="font-weight:bold;… Read more >

    Add Template button

    January 29, 2013 by NTPYTO

    Hello, NTPYTO here. I have the markfordeletion button on another wiki, and thought it would be really helpful to have a button where you just clicked it, typed in your template name, optionally added parameters, and then it would edit the page for you. This would be really helpful to many wikia users, but I don't know how to make it. I was thinking one of you could do it.

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  • Relwell

    Wikia is moving to GitHub!

    October 17, 2012 by Relwell

    At Wikia, we're always looking for ways to make it easier to collaborate on our code, both with our user community as well as with the WikiMedia Foundation. Moving our version control solution from Subversion to Git will help us succeed in collaborating more effectively, more rapidly, and more often. Git is fast, flexible, and powerful. It is well suited for easily integrating changes from numerous sources. It is also used for version control by the MediaWiki project. This means that it will be easier for us to upgrade to newer versions of MediaWiki as they become available.

    As of Monday, October 22nd, Wikia's code will be publicly hosted on GitHub. We chose GitHub because many of us are already on it. We believe that hosting on GitHub will…

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