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BotManagement adds buttons to quickly add and remove Bot rights, as well as a WikiaNotification to alert users that they are flagged as a bot. It is intended primarily for SOAP, CC Admins, other Fandom volunteers, and wikis where Administrators can add and remove bot rights.



The notif can be disabled using the notif variable. The default summary for adding the rights is Cleanup. This can be changed using the add variable. The default summary for removing the rights is Done. This can be changed using the remove variable. An example configuration is below. On UCP wikis, the expiry time can be set by the expire variable, which can be an absolute or relative timestamp.

window.BotManagement = {
    notif: false,
    add: 'Administrator Cleanup',
    remove: 'Completed',
    // UCP only
    expire: '1 month'


Version Date Description Author
v1.0 October 15, 2018 Initial revision. TheGoldenPatrik1
v1.1 November 19, 2018 Partial rewrite for optimization. TheGoldenPatrik1
v1.2 March 7, 2019 Rewrite and Placement. TheGoldenPatrik1
v1.3 December 23, 2020 Add support for temporary rights thanks to newer MediaWiki features Owlnai
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