CacheCheck crosses out resolved entries on the cached special pages (listed below) when you load those pages. This is intended to save time in cleanup because you won't have to check each listed page to make sure it still needs work. Note that the script can take several seconds to check over all of the things listed on the page, especially for large listings. The script will also cross off links to these pages from Special:SpecialPages if there is nothing listed on the linked page.



Here's how default configuration code looks like:

window.topLevelCat = '';
window.cacheSkip = [];
window.cacheSkipLimit = 1000;
window.CacheCheckRemove = false;

You should insert that above the import statement you used in the JavaScript page you're running the script on.

cacheSkip is a list of the pages you do not want the script to run on. You can copy this list and remove the pages that you do want it to run on (be careful that there are quotes around each page and commas between them are intact):

window.cacheSkip = ['Specialpages', 'Deadendpages', 'Lonelypages',
    'Uncategorizedcategories', 'Uncategorizedpages', 'Uncategorizedimages', 'Uncategorizedtemplates',
    'Unusedcategories', 'Unusedimages', 'Unusedtemplates', 'UnusedVideos',
    'Wantedcategories', 'Wantedpages', 'Wantedfiles', 'Wantedtemplates'];

If cacheSkipLimit is lower than the number of results shown on a page, the script will not run on that page. (For example, if you are viewing Special:WantedPages?limit=500 and this value is set to 250, the script will not run.) You can also set this value to -1 to make the script not run on any pages.

topLevelCat should be used to specify the top level category on your wiki, which should not be categorized (on English wikis, this is Category:Browse by default). If it is the only category listed in UncategorizedCategories, that link will be crossed off on SpecialPages.

Set window.CacheCheckRemove to true if you want the resolved entries to be removed instead of just crossed-out.


Please report any bugs or suggestions to me or on the talk page. I'd be happy to add any features that are desired.

If you import ListFiles after this script has run on a gallery-type special page, resolved images will not be included in the raw text list.

The UnusedVideos query appears to be broken at the moment.

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