CategoryIcon adds icons to links on category pages, where image name = target link (category name). Added images have the class name "cicon-image" by default.


Available through window.fng.cicon:

option - defaults - acceptable values
debug - false - true/false
some info spammed to console
restrict - true - true/false
run the script only in category: namespace
ext - .png - string
image format (extension)
cls - cicon-image - string
image class, for styling purposes
scale - /scale-to-width-down/50 - string
add scaling request to image path (reduces bandwidth usage); last part (50) - size in pixels; use scale="" to disable
iprepend - "" - string
prepend text to image name; result: string+categoryname+ext
iappend - "" - string
append text to image name; result: categoryname+string+ext
tprepend - "" - string
prepend text (span with class "cicon-prepend") to image tag; result: string<img ...>
tappend - "" - string
append text (span with class "cicon-append") to image tag; result: <img ...>string


//creates settings object
window.fng = $.extend(window.fng, {cicon:{}});
//sets file extension to .svg
window.fng.cicon.ext = '.svg';
//prepends 'Map ' to applicable files (e.g. for the 'Earth' category filename would be 'Map Earth')
window.fng.cicon.iprepend = 'Map ';
//requests downscaling to 50px
window.fng.cicon.scale = '/scale-to-width-down/50';

With the settings above, the script will search for files with the name "Map link.svg", where "link" is the original name of the category, and add them to the corresponding categories.


  • Double redirects will not resolved.
  • Image and text are not styled by default. Use classes above to add styling.
  • Settings are supposed to be added somewhere in common.js or wikia.js. The script itself needs to be added in ImportJS.


Importing multiple scripts? This quick guide shows how to combine the imports.
  • For site-wide use, an administrator can add the line below to the wiki's MediaWiki:ImportJS page.
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