ChatBinaryButton adds a "Binary!" button to Chat's message box, converting message text to binary. The button's layout was created with code borrowed from OneTwoThreeFall's ChatSendButton. The binary conversion code borrows code created by Penguin-Pal and らり牛ちゃん.

The alternate configuration, proposed by Cheeseskates, allows the user to review the converted binary in the message box prior to posting in the chat.

The button may be used in conjunction with ChatHacks and ChatSendButton.



To use the alternate version, put window.ChatBinaryButtonPreview = true; above the whole import:

window.ChatBinaryButtonPreview = true;
// importArticles({});


  • 06-11-16 - Initial revision
  • 06-11-16 - Binary code upgrade
  • 07-11-16 - Two click view/post system implemented
  • 11-02-17 - Minor cleanup, +i18n
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