This article is about a system or feature that is no longer in use.

The page is retained for historical reasons.

Reason: No longer supported. Please use the latest versions of ChatUserPageButton and ChatBlockButton.

ChatButtonsCollection is a script that reconciles ChatUserPageButton with ChatBlockButton, fixing the bug that occurs when both scripts are imported together. It also removes the GiveChatMod button from admin/mod actions menus, and offers configuration for languages other than English.


Alternatively, import u:dev:ChatButtonsCollectionDeluxe.js (deluxe version).


  • 22-11-16 - Initial revision
  • 22-11-16 - Translations added
  • 22-11-16 - Deluxe edition added

Known bugs

  • 26-11-16 - As is the case with ChatBlockButton, the Block button will occasionally fail to appear.