ChatImages allows you to add images and audio file in the chat. It supports PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG, ICO, SVG, OGG, OGV and OGA files, all the extensions that can be uploaded on Fandom. Videos are not supported yet.



In chat use this syntax [[File:YourFile.YourExtension]] to add a file, like in a wiki page. You can change size, alignement, and the link of a file.

What can do ChatImages (v. 2.0)
Example Description Illustration (35px) Note
[[File:Wiki.png]] Simply add an image Wiki The default size is maximum size
[[File:Wiki.png|right]] Add an image with a choosen align
You can choose center, left or right
[[File:Wiki.png|35x30px]] Add an image with a width of 35 and an height of 30 Wiki You can also write "30px" for a 30 by 30px format

Customization & Contribution

If an error happens, the error message will be different according to the user's language. You can add your own language directly to the script (at the beginning of it).

How it works

The first step of the script is to read messages. When a new message is sent, it reads it, but you can also force the analyse of a message by clicking it. When a message is candidate to analysis, the script tries to find out the following structure [[{A file identificator:file, image, Файл, etc...}:{Any name}.{a specific extension}{|optional stuff}]]. Because videos have no extension, they are not red.

When a file is found, the scripts queries data to the MediaWiki API, spetially the file URL. Then, according to the extension it turn the part of the message consisting in the link into an AUDIO or IMG, according to the extension, with the file source.

Other option are added to the file and it is rendered.

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