ContribRC is a script that allows refreshing the contribution of a user without leaving the page. It is a run-down version of the AjaxRC and reloads a rollback link if one has the rights. The contribution RC can also load scripts like the Rollback script when you click the "Stop" Button.

What can this do?

  • Reloads a User's contributions every 1 second without leaving the page.
  • Auto generates the Rollback link. (Rights required)
  • Easy use and can be merged with other scripts like Wham.
  • Option for loading the button whether on the header or by clicking the avatar to generate it under the sub links (Default).



There are several configuration options:

Option Location Description Default
Reload time window.contribRefresh Refreshing interval 1000 (1 second)
Display Button window.wdscontribs Button position true or false

If you have a script, like the Rollback script, it won't show up unless you make a separate specified function for it like:-

function ContribToggle(){
alert('Hello World!')

You can configure it like the following:-

Example Configuration

window.contribRefresh = 2000; //Two seconds
window.wdscontribs == true; //Shows after click the avatar of the User in his contributions
function ContribToggle(){
importScriptPage('MediaWiki:Rollback/code.js', 'dev');


  • If you're a Rollback or an Admin, the ContribRC and the AnchoredRollback will provide a fighting chance against vandal-bots.

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