The Fandom Developers Wiki is your hub for technical knowledge across the Fandom network. We're a community where you can develop and share a variety of code customizations to customize your reading and editing experience on our platform.

We believe creativity should be present in both Fandom's content and its code. Fandom's userbase is curious, technically savvy and ambitious, and it's our desire to enable users to explore all they can do on the technical and presentation level of their communities.

This wiki is an official Fandom community, meaning that Fandom staff co-administrate this wiki with a handful of carefully selected, trusted volunteers.

Mainly, we focus on CSS and JavaScript modifications that you can use either on your own account -- or across an entire wiki. These scripts are entirely user-written, user-documented, and user-translated. Fandom's staff reviews scripts for network security and conformity to our Terms of Use. As a community, we are happy to provide translations for scripts you publish; we also offer advice on changes to make scripts more effective.

Beyond CSS and JS, we also want to improve your understanding of Fandom's API, native extensions, Lua implementation, and GitHub branches. Many of Fandom's popular extensions (such as Portable Infoboxes and Scribunto) are designed to make wiki templating simple and powerful. We offer support for Fandom communities who wish to use these extensions, or develop their own solutions. Our global Lua module collection offers convenient Lua template logic for Fandom's template editors.

Finally, we want to foster productive conversation, through both the Forums and Discussions platforms.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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