This page is for requesting bot flags for your bots whenever you have maintenance work to do on Fandom Developers Wiki. A lot of work related to maintaining documentation articles can be automated, and edit automation is usually done via bots.

Bot usage

  • It is preferable that a bot account has a bot flag before doing any major work on the wiki.
  • As common courtesy, try to not undertake more than 30 edits a day, or request a bot flag for your edits.


To prevent potential abuse, bot flags can only be requested if certain conditions are met:

  • Trust - You are established and active in the wiki's community and have not abused bot rights in the past.
  • Rule compliance - Your bot's purpose does not go against the wiki's policy.
  • Usefulness - Your bot will make over 30 edits while fulfilling its purpose.
  • Community consent - If your bot is going to edit around or over 100 articles, the matter must be publicly discussed and agreed with beforehand. The recommended way of doing this is making your proposal over at the Watercooler board.
  • Permanent rights - Leaving the bot flag on your bot after the maintenance work is done can only be requested by content moderators.

Rights & users

Bot accounts are subject to higher rate limits and won't needlessly flood recent changes with their edits.

If a user needs to make many test edits for an unpublished script on Dev Wiki, they may request a bot flag. However, a test wiki is strongly recommended in this case. (This may be likely due to content review test mode restraints.)

A list of current bot accounts can be found on Special:ListUsers/bot, and a list of their rights can be found on Special:ListGroupRights#bot.

In case of a bot's misbehavior, if determined to be in good faith, the bot's account will be blocked temporarily until the issue has been resolved.

Bot request form

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