Fandom Developers Wiki

This page is used to request the Content Moderator group on Fandom Developers Wiki. Users requesting to be added to this group are required to meet the following conditions:

  • Trustworthy: A user must be trusted not to abuse their rights. While the majority of the associated rights are limited to non-code namespaces, the code on Dev Wiki is used by many wikis and users across Fandom. Any abuse of the available rights can cause confusion or disruption for a large number of users. This implicitly requires any user applying for this group to be an established user on Dev Wiki.
  • Respectful: Users on Dev Wiki have generally put a lot of effort into the development of their code. Content Moderators are therefore required to respect the wishes of an author, and only use their tools when appropriate.

If any user fails to meet these conditions, their request will be rejected. If a user in the Content Moderator group abuses their tools, the group may be removed without warning.

A list of users currently in the Content Moderator group can be found at Special:ListUsers/content-moderator. A full list of the available user rights associated with the group can be found at Special:ListGroupRights#content-moderator.

Content Moderators that have not edited in the past 6 months may have the group removed from their accounts during periodic cleanups. This is because inactive users do not have a need for the tools provided by the group. If the user does become active again, they can re-request the group through the normal process.


To make a request, add the following to the end of the page, replacing USERNAME with your username:

{{contentmod|USERNAME}} <!-- any links to code examples go here (if necessary) -->