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Fandom Developers Discord is a Discord server for Fandom Developers Wiki. It is also the place to ask for Fandom-related help. It was founded by Colouratura. Currently, it's owned by KockaAdmiralac.


  1. Register your account on Discord. You can afterwards download a client for the device you are on.
  2. Use this invite link to join the server, or click the "Connect" button on the Discord widget found on the sidebar, then click "Accept Invite".


  • DBAD
  • Don't abuse role pings.
  • Don't post content irrelevant to the channel it's being posted in. If you're not sure where to post something, read the description of that channel. If you're still not sure, ask in #lobby.
  • The first 4 characters of your nickname or username must be characters that can be found on a normal QWERTY keyboard. This is so people can @mention you easily.
  • Do not rant. Constructive criticism is allowed.
  • The server is not a shortcut to having a user blocked, JavaScript enabled or your Council application responded to. Please do not bother Fandom Staff about things that should be going through the official contact form, as this server is not an official channel for contacting them.
  • Don't ask to ask, just ask.


Name Topic
#info Information channel. Contains all rules and instructions
#news Where Fandom and server news are being posted. Fandom technical updates are also posted here
#activity All activity from Fandom Developers Wiki is posted here by a KockaLogger webhook
#github Pull requests to Fandom's MediaWiki code repository are logged here by a webhook
#content-review Script submissions, approvals and rejections on Fandom Developers Wiki are logged here by a webhook
General discussion
#lobby General Fandom or development discussion
#news-discussion Discussions relating to #news posts
#support For asking general or technical Fandom questions
#wiki Discussions about Fandom Developers Wiki itself
Discussion topics
#wikitext For requesting wikitext-related help
#css For requesting CSS-related help
#javascript For requesting JavaScript-related help. Help with installing scripts should usually go to #support
#lua For requesting Lua-related help
#portability For all portability-related help and discussion
#application For requesting help related to using applications that aid in use of Fandom, for example Pywikibot or AutoWikiBrowser
#security For discussions of Fandom and web security. Do not post Fandom security issues here, report them through the security report form


Name Meaning Additional permissions* @Mentionable Separated
Admin Administrator of the server. Does not necessarily mean an administrator of Fandom Developers Wiki All Yes Yes
Server Moderator Moderator of the server Manage users, emojis, roles and messages Yes Yes
Content Moderator Content moderators of the wiki Manage emojis and messages Yes Yes
Bot Discord bot used on the server All No Yes
Staff Fandom Staff member Manage messages No No
Member User with at least one edit on Fandom Developers Wiki None No No
Translator User whose edits on Fandom Developers Wiki are mostly related to translations None No No
JavaScript User wanting to be pinged over JavaScript issues/help requests. Please don't ping this role if you need help with installing a script None Yes No
Portability User wanting to be pinged over portability issues/help requests/advice None Yes No
CSS User wanting to be pinged over CSS issues/help requests None Yes No
Wikitext Users wanting to be pinged over wikitext issues/help requests None Yes No
Lua User wanting to be pinged over Lua issues/help requests None Yes No
Grounded User that refused to follow the rules after several warnings but hasn't broke them to the point of getting a ban yet Restricts the user from sending messages and reacting No No
GitHub User is a member of the WikiaUsers GitHub organization Can view a private channel for notifications related to the organization No No


Fandom Developers Discord has one bot: Twinkle, who provides additional functionality to the server.

Custom commands[]

Twinkle provides custom commands on the server. All commands start with a ! prefix. They are as following:

Role commands[]

These commands are also handled by Twinkle and start with !, but the invocation of them is always deleted on success and they provide no response. They assign or remove a role to the invoking user, and will only succeed if the invoking user does not already have the role when trying to assign it or doesn't currently have the role when trying to remove it.

The commands are in the format of !<rolename> for assigning roles and !rm<rolename> for removing them. That means the available role commands are:

  • !javascript / !rmjavascript
  • !css / !rmcss
  • !wikitext / !rmwikitext
  • !lua / !rmlua
  • !portability / !rmportability
  • !rmcontentmod — In case a content moderator wants the role removed from them (assigning must be done by administrators in order to verify the user is actually a content moderator on Fandom Developers Wiki)


Twinkle provides a way to link to pages on Fandom Developers Wiki and other Fandom wikis. There are three available link formats:

  • [[Link]] — Links to a page on Fandom Developers Wiki. If you want to link to pages on other wikis, use [[w:c:wikidomain:Page]]
  • --Link-- — Searches for a term using Fandom's search API and returns the first result
  • {{Link}} — Same as [[Link]], but provides a 100-character snippet of the linked article, if one can be obtained


  • Twinkle is also used for automatic greeting of users upon joining the server and telling others when a user leaves a server.
  • There is also an auto-moderation system set up. In case it gets falsely triggered on you, send a direct message to a server moderator or administrator about it.
  • If a Discord message link is posted, Twinkle will embed the preview of linked message right after the message (and additionally delete the original message if the link was the only content in it).


  • Users without any roles that haven't been online for more than a month will be removed from the server during a purge happening every 14th day of a month. If this happens to you, feel free to rejoin.
    • To prevent this from happening, make sure you have at least one edit on Fandom Developers Wiki and the administrators know your Fandom username, and you should be assigned a member role.
  • If a user with a username of a Fandom Staff member joins the server, they will be asked to verify they are Staff by setting their Discord tag in their profile, unless previously verified on the official Discord server or through Slack.
  • Any suggestions on how to improve the server should be passed to server administrators.
  • Role colors are based on Fandom design system colors.

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