Gadgets are user scripts that customize MediaWiki. They are used on Fandom Developers Wiki to enhance the user experience by providing functionality that would otherwise be for personal-only use and can be configured through your preferences.

List of gadgets

These gadgets currently exist on Dev Wiki. To see which ones of these affect you, check your preferences.

  • AFProtected - makes more obvious the fact that pages prevented by a local abuse filter cannot be edited by regular users.
  • CodeEditor - loads the Ace code editor on all code pages outside the article mainspace.
  • DemoScripts - code demonstrations for the Fandom Developers Wiki mainspace.
  • Discord - right rail module for accessing the Fandom Developers Wiki Discord.
  • FANSUN - comprehensive dark theme for all aspects of Fandom.
  • FixJSRTLang - fixes a bug that results in an incorrect language being shown in the JS Review module.
  • Highlight - tool for quickly updating Highlight. Please remember to do manual corrections if needed.
  • I18nLink - adds a link to Lua and JavaScript translation pages and a button to quickly create them.
  • LanguageBox - places the interlanguage navigation above article contents.
  • LanguageSearch - search utility for interlanguage link dropdowns.
  • MediaWikiBacklink - provides a backlink to mainspace documentation at MediaWiki code pages.
  • MinimalJSPages - utility script that makes Special:JSPages easier to read.
  • MinimalTestModeAlert - minimal indicator for JSRT test mode in community header.
  • NullEditButton - tool for refreshing pages, especially ones using LangSelect.
  • SearchEnhancements - search utility for quick discovery in enhancement lists.

Gadget guidelines

The requested gadget:

  • Must have a documentation article on Dev Wiki.
  • Must be requested as opt-in if it violates customization policy.
  • Should provide missing functionality or useful customization to Dev Wiki users.
  • Should be stable and meet high expectations for code quality.

Gadget requests

In order to request a gadget to be created on Dev Wiki, you may:

  1. Check the guidelines (to avoid disappointment!)
  2. Leave a request using the text box below:

When you request your gadget:

  1. The community will discuss the gadget addition and form a consensus on it.
  2. If the community discussion is successful, the admins will discuss it in private. They will mainly ensure the gadget meets the guidelines and is stable.
  3. If the admins approve the gadget, it will be installed.
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