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For information on MediaWiki i18n deployment, see LangSetup.

The internationalization (i18n) project aims to ensure that all UI and localisation on Fandom Developers Wiki are separate. This page lists tasks related to i18n that need completion, and documents our wiki i18n system.


Script translation[]

Translation is done through the I18nEdit interface. The script is an editor for Dev translators that can add language support to scripts.

In future, the editor will become a central interface for Dev Wiki translation, but it only supports JSON currently.

Documentation translation[]

To create new language subpages for a documentation page:

  1. click your user language at the top of an article in the "Languages" dropdown OR use the wizard below.
  2. Press "Save page". This automatically generates the right English translation.
  3. Edit the new page to add translations and remove {{Untranslated}}.

Documentation wizard[]

This wizard can generate any untranslated documentation!

Just put the name of the page into the textbox.

Lua translation[]

Lua is translated using the code editor. Here is a list of Lua i18n pages:

On the wiki[]

I18n libraries[]

There are numerous libraries available on Dev Wiki for i18n deployment:

  • i18n-js script - facilitates script i18n, by offering load methods for messages (stored in JSON pages).
  • Fallbacklist Lua datastore - list of language fallback rules for MediaWiki.
  • Languages module - Lua templating and link generation for language subpages.
    • {{Languages}} - list of language subpages.
    • {{LangSelect}} - serve content by user language from /lang subpages.
    • {{Documentation}} - template documentation container with translation support.
    • {{I18ndoc}} - preload generator for untranslated documentation.
  • I18n module - message datastores and i18n logic for templating.
  • Fallback module and {{LangSwitch}} template - switch template for message string selection.
  • {{L10n}} template — localization for small templates (such as {{Main}}).

I18n scripts[]

There are various scripts that assist with i18n.

  • I18nLink - adds a link to Lua and JavaScript translation pages and a button to quickly create them.
  • LangSelect - UX shim for {{LangSelect}} articles.


Untranslated scripts[]

Untranslated articles[]

Partially translated articles[]

These articles are only partially translated. Translators may finish the translations of pages in this list.

I18n-js script support[]

These code items have a i18n.json page but no I18n-js support.

LangSelect support[]

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