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Useful maintenance reports about things that might be wrong (for example, wrongly placed parameters, links to nonexistent pages, etc.)

List of maintenance reports

Note: Maintenance reports may be out of date due to DPL caching. Before and after resolving these, make sure you have purged or null-edited the page. Sections with no results will not appear.

Candidates for deletion

Content moderators or administrators might want to consider deleting these pages:

Failing Lua test suites

These tests suites are failing, meaning that either the Lua code in the module contains bugs that should be fixed, the testcases are invalid and should be updated or the unit testing engine is acting up.

  1. HotlinkVignette
  2. Testharness
  3. UrlToWiki
  4. T
  5. XML
  6. Colors
  7. CLI
  8. Codedoc
  9. Transcluder
  10. Docbunto
  11. Quote

Pages with broken file links

These pages contain wanted files that should be either removed or resolved.

Pages with script errors

These pages contain Lua script errors that should be removed (unless the script error is caused by a script currently in testing).

Out-of-date articles

These articles have been marked as out-of-date and should have their content updated.

Updated template using non-existent page

These articles are using {{Updated}} template with a nonexistent page specified in the first parameter. The page name in these usages should be fixed.

Content without description

These articles are missing a Description parameter in their infobox. Such content may not properly display on lists of JavaScript or CSS enhancements.

Undocumented JavaScript pages

These JavaScript pages from the wiki's MediaWiki namespace do not have corresponding documentation pages in the article namespace, whether under JavaScript, CSS or Lua categories. They should most likely be deleted or documented, so potential users of these scripts can find them, but there may be exceptions to that (such as local Dev Wiki gadgets).

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