Wiki Modernization is the term used to describe modernizing the Fandom network, including redesigning features, decreasing page loading times, and reducing the quantity of advertisements.

So far, the only features that are globally modernized are page and article headers, some right rail modules, the Fan Feed (including the "Read more" module, the spotlights module, and the footer itself), and banner notifications. Other features that can be optionally modernized via Special:WikiFeatures are infoboxes and galleries. The Fandom Developers Wiki offers additional scripts and stylesheets to modernize more features.

Our goal for this project is to make Fandom more modernized and to offer the best CSS/JavaScript possible for modernizing other features, following the design guidelines in the Fandom Design System.

This is a list of features that are already, or are being, modernized. Some stylesheets are stable and complete, while others are under development or unreleased. You can also help out expand the code of stylesheets that are under development or create scripts/stylesheets for modernizing more features.

Modernization Tips
  • You can enable the "New Image Galleries" feature in WikiFeatures in your wiki to automatically give your galleries a new look.
  • Convert your infoboxes so that they have the modern layout/Europa theme. Not only does the conversion tool make the layout of your infoboxes cleaner and more modern, but it also makes the infoboxes become portable to mobile phones.
  • You can create a curated mobile main page with the mobile main page editor modal to give your wiki a clean, simple, curated, modern, and mobile-friendly main page.
Modernization for unlisted features

If there is a feature that needs to be modernized but isn't listed in any of these tables, request modernization for the feature in the talk page.

Completed — Complete
High priority — Beta scripts

Default Features

Feature Stylesheet Status Stylesheet Link
Admin Dashboard Completed RedesignedAdminDashboard
File Viewer High priority ModernLightbox
Masthead High priority ModernProfile or FandomizedMasthead
Source Editor Completed EditorSourceMinimal
Speech Bubble Notifications System Completed RefreshedNotifications
Table of Contents High priority N/A
Theme Designer Completed FandomizedThemeDesigner
Toolbar (and its editor) Completed TransparentToolbar or UpgradedToolbar
Unmodernized Modules Completed ConsistentModules
VisualEditor Completed EditorVisualMinimal
Wiki Activity Feed Completed FandomizedActivityFeed or ModernWikiActivity

Fandom Components

Feature Stylesheet Status Stylesheet Link
Avatars Completed RoundAvatars
Buttons Completed FandomizedButtons
Dropdowns Completed FandomizedDropdowns
Icons Completed FandomIcons or WDSIcons
Lists Completed FandomizedLists
Progress Indicators Completed FandomizedLoadingScreens
Tabs Completed FandomizedTabs
Toggles Completed FandomizedToggles

Wiki Features

Feature Stylesheet Status Stylesheet Link
Article & Blog Comments High priority ModernCommentsSection
Blog Lists Completed FandomizedBloglists
Category Exhibition Completed FandomizedCategoryExhibition
Chat High priority FandomizedChat
Leaderboard High priority ModernLeaderboard
Message Walls Completed ModernProfile
Polls Completed FandomizedPolls or ModernPolls

Other Smaller Features

Feature Stylesheet Status Stylesheet Link
Achievements Completed FandomizedAchievementsSystems
Bottom Notifications Completed FandomizedBottomNotifications
Comments Header Completed ConsistentCommentsHeader
Community Page Rail Completed FandomizedCommunityRail
Discussions Feeds Completed ConsistentDiscussionsFeeds
Fieldsets Completed FandomizedFieldsets
Headings Completed FandomizedHeadings
Inputboxes Completed FandomizedInputboxes
Paginations Completed FandomizedPagination
Popovers Completed ModernPopovers
Recent Changes Header Completed FandomizedRCHeader
Wiki Features Completed FandomizedWikiFeatures


Feature Stylesheet Status Stylesheet Link
Scrollbar Completed MinimalScrollbar
Text Highlight Color Completed ModernizedTextHighlightColor

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