Fandom Developers Wiki

This is where you can see whether certain Fandom Developers Wiki content works on FandomDesktop. Content not compatible with the UCP has already been deleted.

For users

If you're using a script, stylesheet, Lua module or an application from Fandom Developers Wiki, please check their statuses in the list below and update your installation accordingly. If you're importing JavaScript, make sure scripts in your importArticles statements and ImportJS are ordered so scripts compatible with FandomDesktop are on the top, and scripts currently incompatible are on the bottom and commented out. This way scripts that are compatible with FandomDesktop will not be prevented from working by other, incompatible, scripts placed above them.

For maintainers

If you're a maintainer of a script, stylesheet, Lua module or an application on Fandom Developers Wiki, please mark the support status for your content. The parameters for the subtemplate are:

  1. Content page name
  2. Support status:
    • Blocked — If there are other factors why this content does not work on FandomDesktop that do not depend on this content's contents, such as dependencies that have not been ported to FandomDesktop. Please specify a reason why this content is blocked by other factors.
    • Done — If the content is fully supported on FandomDesktop.
    • Awaiting — If the content is not supported or is partially supported on FandomDesktop (and there are plans to support it fully). If setting this status, always set the maintainer as well, as the status will otherwise revert back to Broken with an Awaiting who? message.
    • Broken — The content is not FandomDesktop-compatible.
  3. Notes, comments and reasons for deletion/blocking
  4. Current maintainers of the content. These aren't (necessarily) the script's authors, contributors or users who ported the content to FandomDesktop. These are currently active users willing to maintain the content, who can also be contacted about FandomDesktop-related bugs and features in the content.

Useful information about migrating your content to the UCP can be found on the articles about UCP JavaScript and CSS changes. As of September 2021, statuses Unknown and Delete have been deprecated and should not be used. Most content was checked for compatibility before changing all Unknown statuses to Broken, so if you see content that is not broken please mark it appropriately. If there is a reason to delete content that is no longer useful on FandomDesktop, you can use the regular {{delete}} template on its documentation page.



Script Status Comments Maintainer(s)
AbuseLogRC Done
AdaptiveCategoryFilter Done
AddAnnouncement Done
AddArticleToCategory Done Joritochip
AddBlockUserTag Done KockaAdmiralac and Caburum
AddRailModule Done KockaAdmiralac
AddSectionButton Done
AddSideTool Done 机智的小鱼君
AddUserRightsTag Done KockaAdmiralac
AdminDashboard block Done KockaAdmiralac
AdminDashboard JS-Button Done
Adoptions International Done
AdvancedOasisUI Done Some options that are useless haven't been ported. KockaAdmiralac
AFProtected Done KockaAdmiralac
AjaxBatchDelete Done KockaAdmiralac
AjaxBatchUndelete Done
AjaxBlock Done Updated for UCP. Dorumin
AjaxDelete Done KockaAdmiralac
AjaxAbuseLog Done Updated for UCP. Thundercraft5
AjaxContentModel Done Created for UCP Thundercraft5
AjaxEditPreview Done Inherently compatible. TheNozomi
AjaxPoll Done KhangND
AjaxRC Done KockaAdmiralac
AjaxRedirect Done KockaAdmiralac
AjaxRename Done Updated for UCP. Thundercraft5
AjaxTemplate Done KockaAdmiralac
AjaxTooltips Done
AjaxUndo Done KockaAdmiralac
AjaxUserRights Done Kofirs2634, KockaAdmiralac
AllPagesHideRedirect Done KockaAdmiralac
AlwaysShowBottomBar Done
AnalyticsShortcut Done Selectors updated
AnchoredRollback Done KockaAdmiralac
AnnouncementsIgnore Done The notification unread count will only update on page refresh. Noreplyz
ApesterIntegrator Done HumansCanWinElves
ArchiveTool Done KockaAdmiralac
ArticleCommentsHeader Done Dorumin
ArticlePreview Done
AudioIntegrator Done Vocaroo and MySpace don't work and probably can't be fixed. KockaAdmiralac
AutoCreateUserPages Done KockaAdmiralac
AutoPurge Done
AvatarLink Done Sophiedp
BackToTopButton Done KockaAdmiralac
BalancedTabber Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BandcampLazyloader Done KockaAdmiralac
BandcampPlayer Done Rendann
Bang Done HumansCanWinElves
BannerNotification Done Made with UCP in mind Doruwink
BilibiliVideo Done
BlockLookup Done Re-written for UCP, Updated for UCX Thundercraft5
BlockListTools Done Inherently UCP compatible Thundercraft5
BlockSummary Done Initial revision is for UCP and UCX Vastmine1029
BlogLink Done Eizen
BotManagement Done KockaAdmiralac
BulkVideoUpload Done Caburum
CacheCheck Done KockaAdmiralac
CatFilter Done
CatNav Done Penguin-Pal
CategorizedNotifications Done Made for FandomDesktop Joritochip
CategoryClasses Done Andrewds1021
CategoryIcon Done fngplg
CategoryMaintenanceTables Done Noreplyz
CategoryQuickRemove Done fngplg, KockaAdmiralac
CategoryRedLinks Done Designed for FandomDesktop SlyCooperFan1
CategorySorter Done fngplg
ChangeModelButton Done MonkeysHK
Chart Done
CheckImgSize Broken Created for UCP Alex6122
CheckJStatus Done Rewritten to scrape Special:JSPages Caburum
ChromeToolbarColor Done Updated for UCX KockaAdmiralac and Caburum
ClearSandbox Done
ClickyNavigation Done
CodeLinksDropdown Done
CodeLoad Done OneTwoThreeFall
CodeQuickLinks Done Eizen
CodeSelectAll Done KockaAdmiralac
CodeblockLineNumbers Done Arashiryuu0
CollapsibleList Done
CollapseGlobalNavButton Done Made for UCX Thundercraft5
CollapsiblePageTools Done Made for FandomDesktop Joritochip
Colors Done
CommentsToggle Done Magiczocker
CommunityPageHeaderLinks Done Не кочан
CommunityPageRailModule Done Не кочан
CompareLink Done OneTwoThreeFall
CopyCodeButton Done KockaAdmiralac
CopySectionSource Done HumansCanWinElves
CopyText Done Inherently compatible KockaAdmiralac
CopyTitle Done Caburum
CorrectFileHeadings Done
Countdown Done
CreatePageForm Done Made for UCP Alex6122
CustomizeAce Done Made for UCP. Rail
CustomButton Broken
CustomComments Done Designed for UCP. Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory
CustomHeaderDropdown Done Selectors updated
CustomLandingPage Broken WooperIsBest
CustomSlider Done Rendann
DataTables Done Made for UCP. KockaAdmiralac
DPLforumBoardCustomization Done Himmalerin
DateInserter Done Menu item fixed Caburum
DecodeURI Done Inherently compatible.
DedicatedTalkButton Done OneTwoThreeFall
DeepLTranslate Done
DeezerWidget Done KockaAdmiralac
DeleteTalkpage Done Sophiedp
DeleteUserpage Done Sophiedp
DemoScripts Done
Developer Contributions Done
Digital Clock Done Inherently compatible
DisableAccessKeys Broken
DisableBotMessageWalls Done Caburum
DisableCode Done
DisableInfoboxBuilder Done
Discord Done Sophiedp
DiscordBanner Done KockaAdmiralac
DiscordChat Done KockaAdmiralac
DiscordIntegrator Done KockaAdmiralac
DiscordModule Awaiting minimal compatibility (no dialogs) fngplg
DiscussionTemplates Done Sophiedp
DiscussionsActivity Done Rewritten for UCP. NoWay
DiscussionsEmbed Done Made for UCP. Adaneth Mirimë
DiscussionsFeed Broken
DiscussionsPollEmbed Done Made for UCP. TheNozomi
DiscussionsRC Done Some issues with article comments/walls Noreplyz
DiscussionsRailModule Done <discussions /> has not been ported to UCP. Не кочан
DiscussionsViewer Done Sophiedp and KockaAdmiralac
Discussions Delete All Done It now deletes all messages and comments as well as discussion posts
Discussions Restore All Done
DisplayTimer Done OneTwoThreeFall
DivEditor Done Mopsgamer
DoruDev Done yes
Dorui Done Independent of UCP
DraggableYouTubePlayer Done
DupeArgs Done
DupImageList Done The script works; A UI redesign is currently in progress. Ultimate Dark Carnage
ECharts Done
EditConflictAlert Done Joritochip
EditIntroButton Done
EditLeaderboard Done Caburum
EditUserTalkArchive Done SlyCooperFan1
EditcountTab Done Inherently compatible KockaAdmiralac
EditcountTag Done KockaAdmiralac
EditorColorPicker Done DutyS12345
EditsShare Done Compatible with UCP profiles, but there's no accurate sources of global editcount Kofirs2634
EmojiUserNav Done Sophiedp
EnterTheMatrix Done Dr.Bryan
EntityConvert Done
EraIcons Done Eizen, SlyCooperFan1, and Ursuul
ExploreMenuIcons Done Не кочан
ExportList Done Caburum
ExternalLinkWarning Done
FAQ Broken
FandomMergeNotice Done
FastBlock Done KockaAdmiralac
FastCreate Done Inherently compatible KockaAdmiralac
FastDelete Done
FastFileDelete Done
FD-CSS-VList Done
Fetch Done
FileForm Done Caburum
FileLogs Done Kept per request, unmaintained.
FileTools Done Rewritten for dev wiki. magiczocker
FileUsageAuto-update Done Further testing needed. KockaAdmiralac
FirstEditDate Done Made for UCP Kofirs2634
FixFeaturedArticlesImages Broken Sophiedp
FixPhalanxBlockLinks Done Sophiedp
FixWantedFiles Done
Flags Done KockaAdmiralac
FloatingTableHeader Done Paradox-
FloatingToc Done Winston Sung
Freenode IRC Done KockaAdmiralac
GadgetsStateToggler Done Made for UCP Не кочан
GalleryCaptions Done partial support; aw8ing more data fngplg
GameSlider Done
GamepediaTheme Done Designed for FandomDesktop Aeywoo
GamepediaNotice Done
GetOnSiteNotifications Done Andrewds1021
GlobalFileUsage Done Made for UCP Alex6122
GlobalJSLinks Done Made for UCP Thundercraft5
GlobalNavBehavior Broken Global navigation is no longer at the top, though this could be adapted to hide it on the side Blaster Niceshot
GlobalNavButtons Done Caburum
GoogleSpreadsheet Done Caburum
HTML5AudioPlayer Done KockaAdmiralac
HeaderLinks Done
HideClearCache Done Sophiedp
HighlightCode Done Sophiedp
Highlight-js Done Arashiryuu0
HistoryKey Done User:Rappy
HotkeyAddTemplate Broken Sidemen19
HydraRevived Done Joritochip
I18n-js Done OneTwoThreeFall
I18nEdit Done KockaAdmiralac
I18nLink Done KockaAdmiralac
IgnoreNotifications Done Andrewds1021
ImageCategory Done
ImageCompare Done HumansCanWinElves
ImageMapEdit Done Caburum
ImageMapEditZoom Done Andrewds1021
ImageMapHighlight Done Caburum
ImportJS-Plus Done Sophiedp
ImportJSPage Done
ImprovedFooter Broken Global footer was redesigned
ImprovedTabbers Broken Sanchozz
InactiveUsers Done KockaAdmiralac
InfoWidgets Done
InfoboxEditorPreview Broken Rewritten for UCP. Pogodaanton
InputUsername Done
Insertables Done
InterwikisOnSpecialPages Done Made for UCP. Magiczocker, Magiczocker01
ItemComparisonForm Done
JSSpecialPage Done
JWB Done Still works in UCP.
JavaScript Cookbook Done
JumpToContent Done Created for FandomDesktop. Polymeric
JSONViewer Done Built for UCP Sophiedp
JqueryAutocomplete Awaiting Early stages in development Headquarter8302
LakeLinks Done
LangSelect Broken KockaAdmiralac
LangSetup Done KockaAdmiralac
LangSwitch Done KockaAdmiralac
LanguageSearch Done KockaAdmiralac
LastEdited Done KockaAdmiralac
Latinify Done KockaAdmiralac
Less Done
LinkPreview Done mostly works fngplg
LinkThumb Done UCP support added Kofirs2634
LinkedUserTags Done Ursuul
LinkedinSupport Broken ShareMenu not supported
ListAdmins Done
ListFiles Done Selectors updated
ListGroupMembers Done Ultimate Dark Carnage
ListSubpages Done Ported to scrape Special:UserActivity's HTML instead of using its API (due to said API no longer existing), only works on Community Central. Sophiedp
ListUsers Done
LivePreviewWarnings Done
LockOldComments Done HumansCanWinElves
MarkBlocked Done Seems to work OneTwoThreeFall
MarkForDeletion Done KockaAdmiralac
MassBlock Done KockaAdmiralac
MassCategorization Done UCP refresh Doruriru
MassEdit Done Pending inevitable compatibility bug fixes Eizen
MassNullEdit Done OneTwoThreeFall
MassPatrol Done Updated for UCP (Looks like it still works for UCX) Echoblast53
MassProtect Done KockaAdmiralac
MassRename Done
MassRenameRevert Done
MassRollback Done Ready for UCX Thundercraft5
MassSetTemplateType Done Sophiedp
MassUserRights Done KockaAdmiralac
MastheadGender Done KockaAdmiralac
MastheadRightsBadge Done Americhino
Matrix Done KockaAdmiralac
MaximizeAce Done Sophiedp
Medals Done HumansCanWinElves
MediaWikiBacklink Done Eizen
MessageBlock Done Joritochip
MessageWallUserTags Done Selectors and styles updated, Message Walls act differently now (lazy loading and "load more")
MibbitIRC Done KockaAdmiralac
MiniComplete Done
MinimalJSPages Done Sophiedp
MinimalTemplateClassification Done KockaAdmiralac
MinimalTestModeAlert Done Selectors updated Sophiedp
MisspelledPage Done
MobileEdittools Done
MobilePreview Done
MobileWikiTheme Done Headquarter8302 and ARandomCitizen
Modal Done Not all functionality supported yet, but basic things work. KockaAdmiralac
ModalLogs Done Sophiedp
MoreDropdown Done Thundercraft5
MorePageActions Done WooperIsBest and Caburum
MoreSocialLinks Done KockaAdmiralac
MoveSubcategoriesToTheTop Done
MultiUpload Done An UCP-compatible version was created Fujimaru-kun
MultipleActivity Done Created especially for UCP. Не кочан
MultipleFileDelete Done Updated for UCX Thundercraft5
Name Sequencer Done Kofirs2634
NavButtonsDropdown Broken Community navigation was redesigned and the menu exists by default now
NavCodeLinks Done Selectors updated Caburum
NewCategoriesLocalizedFilter Done
NewImages Done Alex6122
NewPagesUser Done
NoGlobalNav Done Made for FandomDesktop Joritochip
NoImageLightbox Done
NoLicenseWarning Broken Rail
Nuke Done Works as intended except for the spinners as they do not exist on UCP. Thundercraft5
NukeInlineStyles Done Himmalerin
NullEditButton Done Selectors updated
OggPlayer Done
OrganizedSocialActivity Done
OriginalImages Done Updated for UCP. Adaneth Mirimë
PageCreator Done Eizen
PageEditInfo Done KockaAdmiralac
PageRenameAuto-update Done User testing probably needed. KockaAdmiralac
PageReport Done Thundercraft5
ParentPageEdit Done
PatrolPanel Done Original Authority
PiniginsUserInfo Done Inherently compatible
Placement Done The library works, but does not insert the my tools menu where it does not exist. KockaAdmiralac
PortableCSSPad Done
PortableListUsers Done KockaAdmiralac
PowerDelete Done KockaAdmiralac
PPDataModule Done
Preact Done Preacted
PreferenceLinks Done KockaAdmiralac and Caburum
PreloadRedLinks Done
PreloadTemplates Done KockaAdmiralac, DDElephant
ProfileTags Done Hesitantly marking as done, needs creator confirmation.
ProtectionIcons Done KockaAdmiralac
PurgeButton Done KockaAdmiralac, Sophiedp
PurgeD Done doru
Q Done Sophiedp
QDmodal Done OneTwoThreeFall
QQX Done
QuickAccessToCSSAndJS Done
QuickBarPageTools Done Made for FandomDesktop Joritochip
QuickCreateUserPage Done KockaAdmiralac
QuickDiff Done Modal works, but there are some layering issues OneTwoThreeFall
QuickIW Done KockaAdmiralac
QuickLogs Done KockaAdmiralac
QuickPurge Done Made for UCP. Thundercraft5
QuickTemplate Done KockaAdmiralac
QuickTitle Done KockaAdmiralac
Quiz Done
RandomBackground Done
RandomPageShortcut Done Alex6122
ReaderMode Broken May need changes if there is feedback from actual users
Reconstitution Done Thundercraft5
RecentChangesMultiple Done Fewfre
RedditShare Broken ShareMenu not supported
RedirectManagement Done KockaAdmiralac
ReferencePopups Done Popups work, the modal for configuring them does not. KockaAdmiralac
RelatedDiscussionsPosts Done Не кочан
RemapAccesskeys Done Rail
RemoveLegacyThreads Done Pcj
RemoveTracking Done
ResponsiveImageMap Done HumansCanWinElves
RestoreRevButton Done
ReturnOasisCat Done Made for UCP only Dr.Bryan
RevealAnonIP Done Rewritten for UCP/UCX Sophiedp
RevisionDelete Done Made for UCX/UCP Thundercraft5
RnSActivity Done Made for UCX Dr.Bryan
Rollback Done KockaAdmiralac
RSS Done Caburum
SOAPReport Done KockaAdmiralac
SocialActivityModern Done Sociophobia
SakuraStorm Broken
SandboxLink Done
SandboxTab Done KockaAdmiralac
ScrollUpButton Done From ko.wikipedia, zh.wikipedia Winston Sung
SearchEnhancements Done Inherently compatible KockaAdmiralac
SearchSuggest Done KockaAdmiralac
SeeMoreActivityButton Done KockaAdmiralac
SelectContent Done
Selector Done Rendann
SelfLinkInTabber Done Leslie1289
ShareMenu Broken
ShortCutter Done Leslie1289
ShortUrl Done
ShowCustomModal Done show custom momal Do yours
ShowUserGroups Done Basic FandomDesktop support, in hopes that the async-loaded user profile is temporary. OneTwoThreeFall
ShowWROnToolbar Done Sophiedp
SketchfabIntegrator Done
SmoothGlobalNav Broken Pogodaanton
SnowStorm Done User:Thundercraft5
Sofix Done Sophiedp
SoundcloudPlayer Done This script is made for the Unified Community Platform. Himmalerin
SpoilerAlert Done KockaAdmiralac
Standard Edit Summary Done Alex6122
Status Done
Stella Done Made for UCP Sophiedp
StickyRail Broken
StickyRailToggler Done Made for the UCP Dr.Bryan
StickySummary Done OneTwoThreeFall
StrawpollIntegrator Done Fujimaru-kun
SupportedLanguages Broken
Summarysuggestion Done
SyntaxHighlight Done Made for the UCP. Rail
TZclock Done
TabberDefault Broken Andrewds1021
TabberEX Done Jono99
TabViewEditLinks Done
TableHash Done KockaAdmiralac
TemplateTypeButtons Done KockaAdmiralac and Caburum
TemplatesUsedModule Done
ThemeSelector Done Andrewds1021
ThemeStyle Done Jono99
ThemeToggler Done Made for FandomDesktop
TimeanddateClock Done Andrewds1021
TimedSlider Done
TitleBlacklistHighlight Done Thundercraft5
ToDoList Done DarkBarbarian
Toasts Done Inherently compatible Arashiryuu0
ToggleDebugMode Done
Toggler Done
TokenRefresh Done KockaAdmiralac
Tooltips Done
TopArticles Done KockaAdmiralac
TopEditors Done
TopHiddenCategories Done
TopicBlockLog Done Joritochip
TouchPunch Done
Translator Done
TwitterFollowButton Done
UCXSearchBar Done Made for FandomDesktop Philo04
UI-js Done KockaAdmiralac
UTCClock Done Might be actually done. At least with the default configuration, the script works fine
UndeleteBacklink Done Firestarthegodcat
UnifiedControlPanel Done fngplg
UploadMultipleFiles Done Pcj
UsefulDropdown Done Original Authority
UserAccountAge Done Eizen
UserActivityLink Done KockaAdmiralac
UserActivityTab Done Eizen, KockaAdmiralac
UserAndIPTools Done Updated for UCP Thundercraft5
UserAvatarLink Done Might get deleted regardless. See Here Andrewds1021
UserBadge Done
UserFunctions Done
UserInfo Done
UserLastActivity Done Original issue fixed but needs to be reworked to fix previously undetected issue. See page for details. Andrewds1021
UserStatus Done Americhino
UserTags Done Hesitantly marking as done, should work.
UserUnusedFiles Done
User Avatar Finder Done KockaAdmiralac
UsernameAvailability Done
VK Done Made for UCP Не кочан
VanguardTools Awaiting WIP KockaAdmiralac, Sophiedp
VEButton Done
VerifyUser Done Noreplyz
VevoEmbedder Broken
VideoIntegrator Done
ViewInContentLang Done Selectors updated
ViewNotificationsUsers Broken Andrewds1021
View Raw Done Inherently compatible KockaAdmiralac
View Source Done FandomDesktop ready Rail
WallGreeting Done
WantedPagesFilter Done fngplg
WatchlistTab Done Made for UCP. Himmalerin
WDSIcons Done
WdsTooltips Broken
WebArchive Done
WgMessageWallsExist Done KockaAdmiralac
WHAM Done KockaAdmiralac
WhatLinksHere Done KockaAdmiralac
WidgetsKit Done
WikiActivity Done This script is made for the Unified Community Platform.
WikiForum Done Made for the UCP. 机智的小鱼君
WikiInfo Done Wikis API on the UCP does not return all details described in the documentation - this will work until Community Central migrates to the UCP.
WikiStatistics Done
WikiaNotification Done Reworked for UCP.
WikiaURL Done
Wikificator Done buttons on different positions totally by design fngplg
Wikimarks Done Seems to work fine for now even though unmaintained. Starter set links need adjustment
YandexPlayer Done TRJ-VoRoN
YouShallNotPass Done Inherently compatible
YouTubeButton Done Inherently compatible
YouTubeModal Done Inherently compatible
YoutubePlayer Done Inherently compatible KockaAdmiralac


Stylesheet Status Comments Maintainer(s)
AccentColorButtons Done JustLeafy
ActivityFeedMimic Done HumansCanWinElves
AdaptiveProfile Done Made for UCP only Dr.Bryan
AdRailRemove Done HumansCanWinElves
AntiBigText Done Hesitantly marking as inherently compatible. OneTwoThreeFall
Antiborder Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
Anonymous Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BalancedBloglists Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BalancedCategories Done Does not affect innovations Не кочан
BalancedComments Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BalancedDiscord Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BalancedPageBottom Done Ported to UCX Hummel009
BalancedGlobalNavigation Done Created for UCX Hummel009
BalancedMessageBoxes Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BalancedProfile Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BalancedRC Done Does not affect innovations DDPAT Knife Series
BalancedScrollbar Done Does not affect innovations Hummel009
BalancedSearch Done Ported to UCX Hummel009
BalancedSlider Done Created for UCX Не кочан
BalancedUCX Done Created for UCX Hummel009
BalancedVE Done Ported to UCX Hummel009
CSS3Tooltip Done
CSSForTheColorBlind Broken
CSSMessageWallTags Done Caburum
CSS Cookbook Done
ClassicDevWikiTheme Done Ported to UCX; other old features may require OasisRevived. SuperDragonXD1
ClassicSlider Done Made for UCP Winston Sung
CodeBoxes Done Inherently compatible
CollapsedAbbreviations Done Made for UCP only Ursuul
CompactDiscussions Done Headquarter8302
ContribsButtons Done
CustomGlobalNavigation Broken Compatibility added
DarkCC Done Made for the UCP. NewAqua
DarkDiscussions Done Discussions is separate from UCP/UCX Joritochip
DarkModuleConsole Done Script Works. Aeywoo
DiscordGlobalFooter Done Inherently compatible. Headquarter8302
DiscordTheme Done Caburum
Doqs Done Headquarter8302
DropdownMenu Awaiting Working fine. Some Sass variables couldn't be mapped to equivalent UCP CSS variables. Most significantly, wikis that specify a light button colour in ThemeDesigner will be stuck with light labels (instead of the more appropriate dark labels) Puxlit
DynamicOldNav Done
EditorCSS Done DDPAT Knife Series
EmeraldGlobalNav Done Made for UCX TRJ-VoRoN
EnhancedCCForms Done GreenWithin
ExternalIcons Done Made for UCX Kofirs2634
FANSUN Awaiting WIP, should pretty much work, CodeMirror might have some issues. Has issue with FOUC, and wiki specific CSS pages need to be updated. Sophiedp
FadedDropdowns Awaiting 90% of the stylesheet is working, now trying to make the icons rotate Sidemen19, Headquarter8302
FanFeedEnhancements Done Inherently compatible
FandomIcons Done
FandomizedLists Awaiting Some bullets are duplicated, may be fixed with some display:none;'s Headquarter8302
FandomizedMasthead Done Compatibility added Creeper
FandomizedMediaPlayer Done Made for UCP. dr03ramos
FandomizedRCHeader Broken
FandomizedTabs Broken Unrelated to UCP - tabviews may need better scoping than .tabs
FandomXP Done Rewritten for UCX, but buggy Caburum
Fandom95 Done Created for UCX Hummel009
Fanimp Done Made for UCX Dr.Bryan
FatButton Done Inherently compatible
FloatingTitle Done A bit wonky with slow browsers, but still okay. Headquarter8302
FluentUI Done Made for UCX Hummel009
FontAwesome Done
Google Forms Done Soronos
GradientHeader Done JustLeafy
GlobalNavDarkTheme Done Caburum
GlobalNavigationIcons Done Winston Sung
Highlight Done KockaAdmiralac
HorizontalMCF Done Inherently compatible
InterlanguageFlags Done Aeywoo
ImprovedUserpages Done GreenWithin
LeafyStrap Done Headquarter8302
Katsuragi Done Converted to FandomDesktop. Aeywoo
LanguageBox Broken
LegacyGlobalNavigation Done
LUUScrollableList Done
MastheadBorders Done Looks a bit off from the image example, might need some margins. Compatibility added. Creeper and Headquarter830
MinutelyWider Done Headquarter8302
MiniGlobalNav Broken OneTwoThreeFall
MiniVisualEditorUI Done Himmalerin
MinifiedLeftTabs Done Compatibility added Creeper
MinimalBanners Done Sophiedp and Ursuul
MinimalScrollbar Done Inherently compatible. JustLeafy and Headquarter8302
MinimalistSlider Done
Modern2010Editor Done Compatible with UCX Black Spaceship and ThunderDragon2
ModernButtons Broken HM100
ModernGPAchievements Done Designed for FandomDesktop SlyCooperFan1
ModernLeaderboard Done UCX/FandomDesktop Compatibility.
Minor design fixes for FandomDesktop.
Vastmine1029 and Parkour2906
ModernWikiNavigation Broken Sidemen19
ModernizedChanges Done Himmalerin
ModulesLinkToModules Done RheingoldRiver
MovingWordmark Done Updated for FandomDesktop SlyCooperFan1
Normalize Done Some weird side effects happened with my browser, needs actual feedback from users to improve. Headquarter8302
NoCustomCursors Done OneTwoThreeFall
Nord Awaiting Needs to be cleaned up for UCP. Sophiedp
OasisRevived Done Made for UCX ThunderDragon2
Obfuscator Done Headquarter8302
OldEuropa Done JustLeafy
OldFandomColors Done Thundercraft5
OldGlobNav Done DDPAT Knife Series
OldOasisNav Broken Noreplyz
OldSyntaxHighlight Done GreenWithin
OldWikiaBar Done Made for UCX Thundercraft5
PrettyUserTags Done Ursuul
ProfileIconsTextless Done Dr.Bryan
ProgressBar Done
PseudoEuropa Done Made for UCX Hummel009
PseudoMonobook Done Ported to UCX KockaAdmiralac, Hummel009
RecentChangesModern Done Sociophobia
RectangularButtons Done Seems fine. New buttons with different classes exist in UCX, so it might need a fresh up. Headquarter8302
ResponsiveMobile Done Sophiedp, dr03ramos, SuperDragonXD1
RestoreOldMastheadDesign Done Should be fully working on UCX
RoundAvatars Awaiting KockaAdmiralac
RoundedDesign Done
ReaderStyle Done Hesitantly marking as done. Headquarter8302
RelevantPrint Done HumansCanWinElves
SectionEditLabels Done JustLeafy
SnowStormCSS Done Parkour and HumansCanWinElves
SolarizedSyntaxHighlight Done The code is up-to-date. SapadorCastelo
SpoilerBlur Done transition-delay might be a bit weird. But mostly fine Sprye and Headquarter8302
TabberDesign Done HumansCanWinElves
ThemeColorClasses Done Made for UCP HumansCanWinElves and SuperDragonXD1
ThemeDesignerSidebarHidingButton Done Не кочан
ThemedSearch Done Made for UCX
ThemedFandomBranding Done
ThemedRevDelButton Done
ToCTitleChange Done Fixed with UCP classes. SapadorCastelo
TopGlobalNav Done
TranslucentFooter Done Inherently compatible
UCPEditorMinimal Done Ported to UCX Hummel009
UCXBlurryTextFix Done Made for UCX Macklin
UpgradedToolbar Done Inherently compatible.
VanillaCodeMirror Broken Himmalerin
UserAnimations Done HumansCanWinElves
UWStyle Done Made for UCX only Dr.Bryan
WikiaCommunityCentralTheme Done CSS is still missing for various elements, namely those marked as unreviewed in my fandomdesktop CSS on the CC Wiki. C.Syde65
WikiaNavigationBarStyle Done May receive updates in the near future. But otherwise done. C.Syde65
WikiaStaffTags Done Made for UCX C.Syde65
WikiaOrgDesign Broken
ZHVariantFlags Done Ported to UCX Winston Sung


Module Status Comments Maintainer(s)
Global Lua Modules/Arguments Done Meta module, doesn't directly produce output.
Global Lua Modules/Asof Done
Global Lua Modules/Autocalctable Done
Global Lua Modules/Autochangecat Done
Global Lua Modules/BlockMessages Done
Global Lua Modules/CLI Done
Global Lua Modules/Calculator Done
Global Lua Modules/Calendar widget Done
Global Lua Modules/Cbox Done Color is pending Lac
Global Lua Modules/Codedoc Done
Global Lua Modules/Colors Awaiting Needs a replacement for removed Sass parameters. KockaAdmiralac
Global Lua Modules/Config Done Built for use on UCP wikis. ExE Boss
Global Lua Modules/Context-link Done
Global Lua Modules/Convert Done
Global Lua Modules/Country Done
Global Lua Modules/Csv Done
Global Lua Modules/Currency Done
Global Lua Modules/Data Done Updated to work on UCP, and produces plain text. ExE Boss
Global Lua Modules/Date Done
Global Lua Modules/Datecalc Done
Global Lua Modules/Debug Done
Global Lua Modules/Delimited tag Broken
Global Lua Modules/Delink Done BaRaN6161TURK
Global Lua Modules/Demo Done
Global Lua Modules/Devmodule Done
Global Lua Modules/Dialogue Broken
Global Lua Modules/Docbunto Done
Global Lua Modules/Documentation Done Fixed in MediaWiki:Common.css?diff=158833 ExE Boss
Global Lua Modules/Entrypoint Done Meta module, doesn't directly produce output.
Global Lua Modules/Existsmod Done
Global Lua Modules/Fallback Broken
Global Lua Modules/Feature page Done
Global Lua Modules/File link Done
Global Lua Modules/For Done
Global Lua Modules/Formatnum Done
Global Lua Modules/FrameTools Done Meta module, doesn't directly produce output.
Global Lua Modules/GalleryPreview Done Inherently compatible
Global Lua Modules/Hash Done
Global Lua Modules/Hatnote Broken
Global Lua Modules/HotlinkVignette Done
Global Lua Modules/I18n Done
Global Lua Modules/Inspect Done
Global Lua Modules/Japanese Done
Global Lua Modules/Josa Done
Global Lua Modules/Json Done
Global Lua Modules/Keys Done
Global Lua Modules/Languages Broken
Global Lua Modules/Lexer Done
Global Lua Modules/LinkTemplate Done
Global Lua Modules/Links Done
Global Lua Modules/List Broken
Global Lua Modules/Loops Done Created for use on MediaWiki and UCP wikis. ExE Boss
Global Lua Modules/Luadocs Done Ported from Wikipedia. ExE Boss
Global Lua Modules/Math-colors Done
Global Lua Modules/Mbox Broken Inherently compatible
Global Lua Modules/Message box Broken
Global Lua Modules/MobileSpoiler Done
Global Lua Modules/ModularCSS Done
Global Lua Modules/Multiple image Done
Global Lua Modules/MultiRequire Broken
Global Lua Modules/Namespace detect Broken
Global Lua Modules/Navbox Done
Global Lua Modules/NavboxBuilder Broken
Global Lua Modules/No globals Done Meta module, doesn't directly produce output.
Global Lua Modules/No interwiki access Done Meta module, doesn't directly produce output.
Global Lua Modules/Pageinfo Done
Global Lua Modules/Pagestat Done
Global Lua Modules/Pagestats Done
Global Lua Modules/PortableNavbox Done
Global Lua Modules/Pretty-pre Done
Global Lua Modules/ProcessArgs Done
Global Lua Modules/Quote Done
Global Lua Modules/Release status Broken KockaAdmiralac
Global Lua Modules/Rslider Done
Global Lua Modules/ScribuntoUnit Done
Global Lua Modules/Set Done
Global Lua Modules/Side box Done
Global Lua Modules/String Broken
Global Lua Modules/StringConcat Done
Global Lua Modules/T Done ExE Boss
Global Lua Modules/Tabber Done
Global Lua Modules/TableTools Done Meta module, doesn't directly produce output.
Global Lua Modules/Tablebuilder Done
Global Lua Modules/Tempnotice Done
Global Lua Modules/Testharness Broken
Global Lua Modules/Timeline Done
Global Lua Modules/Transcluder Done
Global Lua Modules/Template translation Done
Global Lua Modules/Transcript Done
Global Lua Modules/Unindent Broken
Global Lua Modules/UnitTests Done
Global Lua Modules/User error Broken
Global Lua Modules/Utility Done
Global Lua Modules/XML Done
Global Lua Modules/YearNav Broken
Global Lua Modules/Yesno Done Meta module, doesn't directly produce output.


Application Status Comments Maintainer(s)
CustomizeDiscussions Done KockaAdmiralac
DownloadImages Done Pcj
FandomUtils Done User:KhangND
Wiki-Up Done Aspallar


This table is here only to track which archived content will be deleted and which will remain. Archived content is content that is no longer going to receive updates, so if it does not work on UCP, it will be deleted from Dev.

Content Status Comments Maintainer(s)
JavascriptEditor Broken Edited into a migration script Sophiedp
Pseudo-Vector Broken Technically done (it supports UCP's MediaWiki version), but unlikely MonoBook will be made available. OneTwoThreeFall
Pseudo-Vector JS Broken Technically done (it supports UCP's MediaWiki version), but unlikely MonoBook will be made available. OneTwoThreeFall
ShowHide Done

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