DiscordBanner adds a dynamic banner from Discord's API (example) that links to a Discord server. It also displays the number of users online.

It can also be used with a template.



Your server's ID is stored in MediaWiki:Custom-DiscordBanner-id. All other configuration options are stored in the window.DiscordBannerSettings object.

Variable Description Default value Allowed values Required
bannerStyle Banner's style 3 1, 2, 3, 4 X
inviteLink Link to Discord server wPrVUj4 (Fandom Developers server) Any Discord invite link (must be permanent and from server in Custom-DiscordBanner-id) X
prependToRail Put the banner on top of the rail true true, false

The following is an example configuration.

window.DiscordBannerSettings = {
    bannerStyle: '2',
    inviteLink: 'CWbREjG',
    prependToRail: false

Template configuration

Option Type What it changes Default
id String Your server's ID. For more information on how to get your server's ID, please see here. This parameter is required. N/A
invite String The second half of your server's invite link. ( This parameter is required. The invite must be permanent. N/A
style String The banner style. N/A

For example, the following would produce a working template for the Wikia International server:

| id = 160718156787220480 
| invite = CWbREjG 
| style = 2


How do I get my server's ID?
Click on your server's name, go to Server Settings > Widget and copy the server ID. Detailed instructions here.
What do the banner styles look like?
The following are available Discord banners:

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