This is a script that is only made for the Unified Community Platform.

This script is designed for only working on the Unified Community Platform. Importing this script on legacy wikis may cause the script to not run, or cause other issues.

DiscussionTemplates allows users to send a message wall post with a template of their choosing. The button for this script can be found next to the submit button in the editor when creating a new message wall convo. Note that due to how Discussions and etc is designed, only basic wikitext works, and things like backgrounds and etc won't work.



This script will not run without config. The config options are as follows:

  • templates: Object with your list of templates in it (key is the label, value being an object with name, which is the template name (including namespace), and title, being the title of the message)
  • wikiList:A list of wikis to select to replace $WIKI with (the placeholder being in your template), using format of 'key': '', this is not required if you don't use the placeholder
  • allowedGroups is an optional array, that if defined, restricts running of the script to only users in the listed usergroups.

$USER is also supported, and is replaced with the username of the user who's wall you're on.

For example:

window.DiscussionTemplates = {
    templates: {
        'item-1': {
            name: 'Template:Item 1',
            title: 'Title 1'
        'item-2': {
            name: 'Template:Item-2',
            title: 'This is title 2'
        item3: {
            name: 'Template:Name3',
            title: 'Title2'
    wikiList: {
        de: '',
        es: '',
        fi: ''
    allowedGroups: ['sysop', 'rollback']

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