DiscussionsActivity creates a new special page to show the latest messages from Discussions on wikis that have the feature enabled. It is based on the code of DiscussionsFeed, but with numerous visual additions and improvements in order to provide a rich feed that resembles the look and feel of the Recent Wiki Activity.



This script will create a new special page in Special:DiscussionsActivity (available through a link under the title in Recent Wiki Activity and Recent Changes). Regular users will see a feed with the latest 50 posts publicly visible, along with a checkbox to toggle auto refresh.

Administrators and Discussions Moderators will also see deleted posts and a second checkbox to toggle their visibility. These posts along with reported and locked posts are displayed with a different style. Administrators will additionally see a "block" option next to each user in order to easily block vandals.

The page will automatically take the theme of the wiki.


You can optionally add this variable to your user's common.js (for personal configuration) or the MediaWiki:Common.js (to apply configuration to all users, if you are Administrator) on your wiki in order to override the default value:

  • window.rdaRefreshInterval — Specifies the interval in milliseconds in which the posts will be reloaded. Default is 60000, meaning 60 seconds. Minimum is 30000 or 30 seconds.
window.rdaRefreshInterval = 120000; // Posts will be reloaded every 2 minutes

Please note that if you imported the script through a method other than MediaWiki:ImportJS, then you have to place this variable above the import statement for it to work.

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