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EditorParity is a stylesheet that changes WikiEditor, AceEditor and VisualEditor layouts and brings parity to their styles, alongside fixing a few bugs. There is also a personal use addon for the stylesheet.



The stylesheet aims to give consistency throughout all editor interfaces, and fixes some bugs as well. It aims visual editor, its source mode, and source editor, alongside the editor used on code pages.

Design changes

A list of what it changes by default is:

  • VisualEditor (Visual editor)
    • Fixes template descriptions on the template insertion menu.
    • Fixes help button styling on the template insertion menu.
  • WikiEditor (2010 source editor)
    • Toolbar padding now is consistent with VisualEditor's one.
    • Toolbar buttons now have a background color based in the wiki's accent color.
    • Tool popup interfaces now use a black background color like other popup interfaces.
    • Modernizes the "Insert files" menu.
    • Changes summary area to be similar to VisualEditor's version.
  • AceEditor (CSS, Lua, JS, JSON, Infobox, etc. editor)
    • Changes summary area to be similar to VisualEditor's version
    • Fixes Search & Replace menu styling.
    • Line number bar is now consistent with WikiEditor's version when using syntax highlighting.


This stylesheet also has an addon that changes even more elements, but this is only for personal use because it adds aditional features that can't be used sitewide. The addon has to be implemented alongside the base script, because without it it doesn't work properly.

Addon changes

A list of additional changes using the addon is:

  • WikiEditor and AceEditor
    • Overhauls the layout of the summary area to be nearly the same as VisualEditor's version.
    • Hides the global nav, except from the notifications & user buttons.
    • With the global nav hidden, fixes positioning of the search popup and page main container.

Supported stylesheets or scripts

There are some scripts or stylesheets that are compatible with this stylesheet:

Text above can be found here (edit)