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Гэта старонка цалкам ці часткова не перакладзена. Просьба перакласці яе на адпаведную мову (беларуская).

Гэты CSS дадае ўласны шрыфт значка на грунце абразкоў ФЭНДАМА.



<span class="fandom-icons">NAME</span>

Where NAME is the icon name. Although browser support for ligatures is almost everywhere, numeric character references are offered as a fallback for certain situations.


You can see examples of using FandomIcons below:

  • <span class="fandom-icons">activity</span>: activity
  • <span class="fandom-icons">alert</span>: alert
  • <span class="fandom-icons">arrow</span>: arrow
  • <span class="fandom-icons">bell</span>: bell


  • As of time of writing, the font files are not updated anymore to match Fandom's latest version of their icon set, but it includes older ones that got deleted for backwards compatibility. If you can work with SVG files and need the latest icons, please check out WDSIcons.