FandomizedChat is a chat script created to put a more modern look to the Fandom chat experience. The script was created in order for the chat to be in tune with the "Fandomized" elements. It makes the avatars round and removes the border radius (and spacing) from the containers. This script is currently in beta testing, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to use the talk page.


This script can be installed in the following pages:

This script also has a library that you can install at any time. Here is the code:

    type: 'script',
    articles: ['u:dev:FandomizedChat/library.js']


These are the main configurations of the FandomizedChat script:

  • FandomizedChatConfig.i18n: Used for translating the script
  • FandomizedChatConfig.disableFandomizedChat: Determines whether the script should be disabled
  • FandomizedChatConfig.noTags: Determines whether the group tags should be hidden.
  • FandomizedChatConfig.killEmoticons: Determines whether the emoticons should be converted to text.
  • FandomizedChatConfig.disableCustomEmoticons: Determines whether personal emoticons should be disabled.
  • FandomizedChatConfig.disableEmoticonPanel: Determines whether the emoticon button should be disabled.

To Do

If the objective in a to-do list has been crossed out, it has been completed.

  • Allow custom translations for the chat extensions, toggle buttons, and statuses.
  • Insert the user group tag by a chat moderator, sysop, VSTF, Helper, and Staff's username.
  • Integrate certain parts of existing extensions to the script, such as ChatHacks, ChatOptions, ChatBlockButton, GiveChatMod, TitleNotifications, ChatTimestamps, etc.
  • Add a chat send button for the convenience of console users akin to ChatSendButton.
  • Allow multiple people to be in a private message at once.
  • Create a new UI library used for this script.
  • Add a fake scrollbar on the side of the script instead of using arrows to scroll.
  • Create a preloader for the Fandom chat.
  • Modify the entire CSS for the extension. (partially complete)

Known Issues

  • The self user element is not showing up on the top of the chat rail properly.
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