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FastBlock adds fully customizable buttons to the user masthead in order to quickly block users.



There are five configuration options for each button.

Name Description Default Type
label The button's text. N/A Required
expiry The block expiry. N/A Required
reason The block reason. N/A Required
nocreate Whether the user can edit their talk page. 0 Optional
autoblock If their IP addresses should be blocked. 0 Optional

In order for this script to work, the first three parameters must be supplied for each button. The others are completely optional. Below is an example configuration.

window.FastBlock = [
        label: 'V',
        expiry: '2 weeks',
        reason: 'Vandalism'
        label: 'H',
        expiry: '1 year',
        reason: 'Harassment',
        nocreate: 1
Text above can be found here (edit)