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FileManipulator applies blending/filter effects to images using the specified attribute in file name.



When naming files, use the tags at the end of the files to apply blending/filters onto the image, specifically starting with the ; symbol.

Note: This should only be used outside of the site-wide properties used for wiki logos, and backgrounds (i.e. Site-logo.png). To customize any of the community images for site-wide themes, manually add the line with the selector like img[src*="Site-logo.png"] in the site-wide css.

The bl- tag composites images to blend within the wiki-background using one of the following blend tags:

add - plus-lighter
col - color
cb - color-burn
cd - color-dodge
dark - darken
diff - difference
div - divide (color-dodge inversed)
ex - exclusion
hard - hard-light
hue - hue
li - lighten
lum - lumonisty
mul - multiply
ovl - overlay
sat - saturation
src - screen
soft - soft-light

Filterwise, the tag starts with f-, and the following effects apply these, though the inverse are recommended for graphics that are fully black, or white based on light/dark themes.

inv-d - Inverts fully black graphic.
inv-l - Inverts fully white graphic.
light - Makes image glow in both themes. Also reduces opacity to make it less bright with background colors darker than white on light theme. The additive blending tag with ";bl-add" is recommended for making glow effects.


Site-logo ;bl-mul

Multiplies above image, using the ;bl-mul tag.

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