FileUsageAuto-update helps to mitigate the time consumption of File namespace maintenance by updating file links automatically. This script adds buttons to Special:MovePage and adds a "Queue" option to the Edit drop-down on any File namespace page. You can rename and update files individually, or rename files in batches and update all of the file links at the same time (to group edits to the same pages together) using the queue. Additionally you can add broken file links to the queue to be updated. This script works best when used as a Gadget, but can be used in personal or wiki-wide Wikia.js regardless.



This is a maintenance script that involves renaming images. By default, only administrators can rename images on a wiki. If you don't know if you're able to rename images, you should be able to see "Rename" in the Edit drop-down menu on any File page to confirm.

Additionally, this script is considered semi-automated editing. Do not use this script without first reviewing your wiki's policies regarding automated editing and obtaining necessary approvals and/or user rights.


At the moment you are able to change the button text, add a message to appear on the file rename page, change the edit summary for pages that the links are updated on, and change the API request delay. All of these parameters are optional, but if specified must come before your importArticles function. Take note that some values specified must be enclosed inside of the quotation marks. Below are the default values and an example of how to use them. For API request delay, the lower the value the higher chance there is of getting random API errors when using this script.

LIRoptions = {
    bottomMessage: '',
    editSummary: 'Updating file links (automatic)',
    singleButtonText: 'Rename and update',
    queueButtonText: 'Add to queue',
    delay: 1000

Other features

This script is able to add buttons in place of placeholders to add things to the queue en masse using things like DPL.


<div class="fuau" data-fuau-from="Current file name.png" data-fuau-to="New file name.png">If you are seeing this, please install [[w:c:dev:FileUsageAuto-update|FileUsageAuto-update]].</div>

By filling in the current file name and new file name with DPL, you can make a list of file replacements and can also add them to the queue from the same page without navigating to Special:MovePage. Note that you should review the queue before executing it to be sure that there are no mistakes. You can also omit or leave the data-fuau-to attribute blank to manually input the name that you want an image moved to upon clicking the button.


namespace = File
ignorecase = false
titleregexp = ^Pinkie
nottitleregexp = Pinkie_Pie
replaceintitle = /Pinkie/,Pinkie Pie
format = ,#<div class="fuau" data-fuau-from="{{PAGENAMEE:%PAGE%}}" data-fuau-to="{{PAGENAMEE:%TITLE%}}">If you are seeing this, please install [[w:c:dev:FileUsageAuto-update|FileUsageAuto-update]].</div> [[%PAGE%]] → [[:File:%TITLE%]]\n,
count = 100


Works in all major browsers that support Storage.


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