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FindAndReplace is a tool for source editor to make quick replacements in the editing text area.



  • Make replacements only in the selected text.
  • Undo your edits (all edits, not only replacements).
  • You can choose to make a global search (enabled by default) or not (will only replace the first match).
  • You can choose to make case-sensitive replacements (not enabled by default).
  • You can choose to replace text with regex matches.


The status of "global matching", "case sensitive" and "enable regular expressions" checkboxes is customizable. If you want them to be customized, follow this instructions:

window.cvGlobalMatching = 'unchecked'; // Global matching, checked by default.
window.cvCaseSensitive  = 'checked';   // Case sensitive, unchecked by default.
window.cvEnableRegex    = 'checked';   // Regular expression, unchecked by default.

Known issues

If you encounter issues, please report them on the talk page.

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