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Invocable modules

These 46 modules can be loaded with {{#invoke:}} or a template containing such.

Name Description Category
Docs · Source · Tests Implement various "age of" and other date-related templates. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates dated statements and categorizes page. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Automatically changes categories/templates after xx days. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Adds summation/average/min/max values of a column of a table imported from JSON/module/CSV page. Extensible to provide more stats. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Extends MessageBlock by generating block messages for offenses listed in a wiki's MediaWiki:Ipbreason-dropdown. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Easily add arithmetic operations to wiki pages. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates lua-based message boxes that has rounded corner and used for notices, adaptable to multiple wikis and styles. Navbox
Docs · Source · Tests
Performs some checks on parameters. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Retrieves CSV data from a page and generates an HTML table. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests Automatically creates documentation of a lua module by extracting its documentation markup. Documentation
Docs · Source · Tests Colors library for embedded color processing. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates templates for context-links that can take infinite arguments. Converter
Docs · Source · Tests
Converts different units (e.g. km to miles) Converter
Docs · Source · Tests
Retrieves ISO 3166-1 data related to a country. Informational
Docs · Source · Tests
Retrieves ISO 4217 data related to a currency. Informational
Docs · Source · Tests
Allows wikitext to read values from data modules, e.g. mw.loadData(). Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Wrapper for Module:Date. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Shows a demonstration of wikitext. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Invokes global modules (hosted in from any other wiki. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Extends the functionality of the welcome tool. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Checks if a module exists (inexpensive). Utility
Docs · Source · Tests This module provides a library for formatting file wiki links. Utility
Feature page
Docs · Source · Tests
Displays a random live article from a list or Lua table (e.g. Module:Top/data). Utility
Docs · Source · Tests Formats numbers based on some supported locales Formatting
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates a gallery preview of a gallery page. (e.g. Previewing "Article/Gallery" on "Article") Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Library for message datastores and handling. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates links and changes wikitext when it detects external links. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates link templates. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests Outputs various kinds of lists. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
An easy and portable way to create colored math expressions. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates lua-based message boxes used for notices, adaptable to multiple wikis and styles. Navbox
Docs · Source · Tests Creates a template for a box displaying multiple images in a single box, as if it were a single image. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates a lua based navbox. Navbox
Docs · Source · Tests
Powerful module to create navboxes. Navbox
Docs · Source · Tests
Display basic information on the page. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Shows some stats about a page, e.g. word, template, table count. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Gets information about a page, e.g. if it has a category or template Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Automatically adds a space before each line. Like the pre tag, but allows markup (e.g. bold or italics), transclusions, etc. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Provides a quotation. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates a random slider with all the images or files used as parameters. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests A utility module with for manipulating strings/texts. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
A feature-packed example generator for brace-based wikitext. Documentation
Docs · Source · Tests
Displays a notice or message for XX days. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Creates a transcript or dialog. Quote
Docs · Source · Tests
Create a simple template allowing for pages with years in the titles to more simply link to each other. Utility


These 19 modules can only be loaded with require() or mw.loadData(). See how to load Global modules first.

Name Description Category
Docs · Source · Tests Provides easy processing of arguments passed to Scribunto from {{#invoke:}}. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Like libraryUtil.checkType, but accepts multiple types.
Docs · Source · Tests A date library that allows date parsing, and arithmetic. Parser
Docs · Source · Tests
Helps debug Lua modules using console by creating a pseudo frame and other useful functions. Debug
Docs · Source · Tests Human-readable representation of Lua tables. Debug
Docs · Source · Tests Performs conversion between Lua and JSON. Convertor
Docs · Source Reduces chances of errors by preventing nil global variables from being written to or read. Debug
Docs · Source · Tests
Like mw.ustring.gsub(), but ^ and $ match the beginning and end of each line, respectively. Compare the "multiline" modifier for regular expressions. Parser
Side box
Docs · Source · Tests
A utility module with for creating side boxes. presentation
Docs · Source · Tests Unit tests for Scribunto. Debug
Docs · Source · Tests
A meta-module that allows creation of html tables. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Includes a number of functions for dealing with Lua tables. Utility
Docs · Source · Tests
Runs multiple unit tests using data from a table. Debug
User error
Docs · Source · Tests
A less intimidating version of the built-in error() function. Debug
Docs · Source · Tests
General purpose module containing various helpful functions. Utility
Docs · Source A unit-test framework. Debug
Xml parser
Docs · Source · Tests
A library that parses an XML file and converts it to a lua table Parser
Docs · Source · Tests Function allowing for consistent treatment of boolean-like wikitext input.

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