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Yesno module for processing of boolean-like wikitext input. It works similarly to the Yesno Wikipedia template. This module is a consistent Lua interface for wikitext input from templates.

Wikitext markup used by MediaWiki templates only permit string parameters like "0", "yes", "no" etc. As Lua has a boolean primitive type, Yesno converts this wikitext into boolean output for Lua to process.


Package function

yesno(value, default) (function)
Yesno module for processing of boolean-like wikitext input.
  • value Wikitext boolean-style or Lua boolean input.
    • Truthy wikitext input ('yes', 'y', '1', 't' or 'on') produces true as output.
    • The string representations of Lua's true boolean value ('true') also produces true.
    • Falsy wikitext input ('no', 'n', '0', 'f' or 'off') produces false as output.
    • The string representation of Lua's false boolean value ('false') also produces false.
    • Localised text meaning 'yes' or 'no' also evaluate to true or false respectively.
  • (boolean|string|nil)
  • default Output to return if the Yesno value input is unrecognised. (boolean|string|nil; optional)
Returns: Boolean output corresponding to val:
  • The strings documented above produce a boolean value.
  • A nil value produces an output of nil. As this is falsy, additional logic may be needed to treat missing template parameters as truthy.
  • Unrecognised values return the default parameter. Blank strings are a key example of Yesno's unrecognised values and can evaluate to true if there is a default value.

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