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Google Forms is a script to integrate forms by using the Google eponym application. This allows Google Forms to be displayed without going through <googleform>, which is deprecated since the UCP.



After installing the script, you need to use the following code to display a Google Form:

<span class="googleforms" data-forms-id="ID" style="width: NUMBERpx;">ALTERNATIVE TEXT</span>
The ID of your form. This is the part at the end of the URL, for example 1FAIpQLSe-mE1ferPq6-GedZYLI49Ye2zghaVtsw5HhwYCWn0LeDtGLg for Attention, you must not copy the / or the possible "/edit" or "/viewform" but only the sequence of numbers and letters.
The width of the form, for example 800px or 100%.
The text that will be displayed if the form doesn't work, especially for mobile because JS doesn't work on the mobile version. You can for example put the link of the form so that users who don't see the integration can access the form directly.

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