HeaderLinks adds an icon to header tags, such as <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, etc. In terms of wikitext this is == Header ==. This only applies to headers in the editable content area. The icons only appear when hovering over a header to appear less obtrusive when reading a page. When these icons are clicked, the URL is altered to target that header allowing you to copy and paste the link into chat or discussions avoiding typing out potentially long headers by hand or having to navigate back to the table of contents to get a link.

This script will work on every MediaWiki skin, assuming it uses the mw-headline class and standard id for headers as found on skins that are included with default MediaWiki. This also relies on the editable content area having the id mw-content-text, again a default feature of MediaWiki.

This does not work for pages in the File namespace, due to a difference in the structure of header tags for these pages.



This script is enabled on this page. Hover over a title and click the icon that appears to try it out!

Language support

The only text needed for this script is Link to this header. If you can contribute to the translation, please add it via the translations editor.


25 August 2013
Updated to use jQuery, restructuring and changes to hover behaviour (diff).
01 June 2013
Script published.
Text above can be found here (edit)
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