This article is about a system or feature that is no longer in use.

The page is retained for historical reasons.

Reason: Superseded by ToggleSideBar; also broken due to SASS override technique.

HideRail adds a button to the toolbar that can hide the Wikia Rail when clicked (the bar on the right with the Recent Activity / Recent Uploads / Ads / etc) and restore it when clicked again. The search box will remain visible after the rail is hidden so you won't lose any important functionality by hiding it.

By default, the Rail squeezes articles into a rather narrow 670px column, you can use this tool to get the full 1010px width instead. This reduces the amount of scrolling needed to read a whole article.

Beyond article pages, the script also provides functionality for improving Edit pages by hiding the Editor Rail in Visual mode, not just Source mode. It also includes [enabling the 1200px Oasis skin on any wiki.



You can customise the appearance of the button using your Wikia.css or global.css:

/* Disable the default arrow images */
a.hiderail-link-expand, a.hiderail-link-shrink {
    padding-left: 0;
    padding-right: 0;
    background-image: none;
/*** Example 1 ***/
/* Display text arrows instead */
.hiderail-link-expand:after {
    content: "  \2192";
.hiderail-link-shrink:before {
    content: "\2190  ";
/*** Example 2 ***/
/* Display custom icons on the left side always */
.hiderail-link-expand:before {
    content: url("http://whatever/my custom icon 1.png") ' ';
.hiderail-link-shrink:before {
    content: url("http://whatever/my custom icon 2.png") ' ';

The CSS classes are hiderail-link-shrink for the shrink button, hiderail-link-expand for the expand button and hiderail-link-generic for when the expand button is disabled (no rail).

See more

  • Railgun — Massive customisation script that allows you to add extra boxes to the Rail to make it more useful.
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