HighlightUsers is a more customizable version of Highlight and CSS username highlighting. It will automatically change the color of links to certain groups or users to the specified color. By default, only links to User:X will be colored, but this can be changed (see below). This is easier than using CSS, as it doesn't require a constantly updated list of users to color a group, but it is slower because it uses AJAX.

The script bolds local user groups when they are present in the configuration.


The script must be configured - see the example below.


Configuration is done using the window.highlightUsersConfig object. It accepts two keys:

  • window.highlightUsersConfig.colors - colors to apply on each usergroup
  • window.highlightUsersConfig.styles - custom styling for each usergroup

Example configuration

Here's an example of the script configuration, using the Highlight color scheme:

window.highlightUsersConfig = {
    colors: {
        // 'group-name': 'color',
        'sysop': mw.config.get('wgSassParams')["color-links"],
        'staff': '#da0da0',
        'helper': '#bf6240',
        'vstf': '#f77f77',
        'global-discussions-moderator': '#4286f4',
        'voldev': '#23c8d2',
        'vanguard': '#1eaf7a',
        'content-volunteer': '#ff7000',
        'bot': '#a400a4'
    styles: {
        // 'group-name': 'styles',
        'staff': 'font-weight: bold;'
// ... importArticles

Paste the configuration above your importArticles statement.


The first group that matches a user will determine the color of that user. For example, if your wiki has bots with sysop rights, you should put the bot group color before the sysop group so that bots will get the bot color.

Please feel free to give suggestions, questions, bug reports, etc on the talkpage.

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