I18nLink is a script that adds link to translations pages, both Lua and JS. It also adds a button to quickly create translation pages.

It has been created for usage only on Fandom Developers Wiki.



There are two configuration options, both stored under the window.I18nLink variable. The create variable is by default true; when false, it disables the quick create buttons. The buttons variable can be used to add links to translation pages with different ?action parameters, such as delete. Here is an example configuration:

window.I18nLink = {
    create: false
    buttons: [


19 August 2018 (v1.0)
Rail: initial revision.
TheGoldenPatrik1: load only if a JSON page for a certain script exists.
3 September 2018 (v1.1)
TheGoldenPatrik1: add optional button to quickly create JSON.
19 November 2018 (v1.2)
TheGoldenPatrik1: add support for Lua.
23 November 2018 (v1.3)
TheGoldenPatrik1: I18n-js and support for Module and MediaWiki pages.
2 December 2018 (v1.4)
TheGoldenPatrik1: optimization.
8 December 2018 (v1.5)
TheGoldenPatrik1: add optional create Lua button and change configuration options.
10 December 2018 (v1.6)
TheGoldenPatrik1: add more configuration options.
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