DO NOT USE: This plug-in is not compatible with the old Fandom platform. But you can use it on the UCP platform or Gamepedia.

InPageEdit-v2 is a MediaWiki plugin made by 机智的小鱼君 (DragonFish) in JavaScript which has good mobile optimization and useless colorful design. The main purpose is allowing users to use many MediaWiki functions without opening a new tab (including but not only "editing"), which speeds up the wiki maintaining process. The plugin is also modular designed, and providing many SDKs, which you can learn more about it here.


InPageEdit Toolbox

  • There should be a InPageEdit Toolbox showing in the right corner of the article pages when you loaded it successfully.
  • All the features of the plugin can be found in the toolbox.

Quick Edit


  • Click the azure “edit Pencil button”in the toolbox to edit the page without opening a new tab
  • The editor provides previewing feature
  • You can also edit the old version to fix it quickly
  • Attention that you should not use it as a substitute of the original MediaWiki Edit page because the plugin does not have some ulities (such as template analysis and advanced editing toolbar etc) and the stability is less good. this plugin is better for minor edit fixing small errors.

Quick Edit for Sections

  • Create a Quick Edit button and allow you to Quick Edit this section

Quick Edit for Other Pages

InPageEdit qedit navbar

Editing Navbox via the link in Navbar without opening a new page

  • The plugin will identify editing links in the articles which includes the "V·T·E" links in the Navbar and the "edit" links inside the templates, and add a Quick Edit button next to it which allows you to edit the page without opening a new page

Quick Redirect

IPE redirect
  • Click the orange "landing" icon in the IPE toolbox, you can redirect a page to the current one
  • Click the rose "take off" icon in the IPE toolbox, you can redirect the current page to another

Quick Rename

IPE rename
  • Click the orange "I" icon in the IPE toolbox, you can rename the current page without opening a new one

Quick Delete

  • Not ready yet, WIP

Quick Diff

IPE diff
  • When visiting RecentChanges or the history page, you can view the diff without opening a new page by clicking the original diff link


Via GitHub CDN


Via Fandom Dev Wiki

  • Outdated currently

Install as Gadget

  • WIP, Gadget will be posted on GitHub.

Customized Feature

InPageEdit is modular designed, you can use the almost all of the features which IPE provides freely.

See more: /SDK


Wanna try this plugin? You can visit this demo page to try it.

Tech Details

Tech Used

  • Using jQuery
  • Using mw.api
  • Using localStorage
  • Using ssi-modal for modal boxes
  • Using AJAX 🔥Pro Plus Max S X R EX🔥 Technology
  • Analysis
    • Using ECharts for analysis charts
    • Using PHP7.3 + MariaDB10 for analysis
    • Using Inno DB for analysis database engine

Style Design

  • The style is OOUI-liked, reducing by CSS

Platform Supported

  • Non-UCP Fandom platform is not supported because the very outdated jQuery version (1.8.1) 👎👎👎
  • MediaWiki > 1.22.0
  • jQuery > 2.2.0
  • UCP and Gamepedia platform Supported

Did you know

  • The plugin is inspired by MoegirlPedia user 妹空酱's Quick Edit plugin WikiPlus.
    • Because of the terrible support for mobile device and terrible green color, plus there's no Fandom/Wikia platform support, 机智的小鱼君 decided to develop a Quick Edit plugin on his own.
    • The original purpose of this plugin is actually get WikiPlus onto Fandom platform.
    • Unfortunately and dramatically, this plugin also does not support the old Fandom platform(mw1.19)😂
  • Although the name of the plugin is "InPageEdit", actually IPE is providing more freatures than W+, like Quick Diff and Quick Rename.
  • At first, the plugin uses Fandom Design System, but later switched to OOUI-liked design style. But the plugin uses CSS rather than use OOJS directly. The source code can be found in the list above.
  • The plugin is collecting non-private data for usage statistic and research since January 5th, 2020
    • The analysis data can be viewed at
    • The analysis system is developed from 4pm of January 4th till the midnight of the next day.
    • The charts of the analysis webpage is using ECharts, and its leaded by Chinese developers used to be a property of Baidu inc., but was takeovered by the Apache Foundation.

Change logs


Known issues

Compatibility with devwiki plugins

This plugin was developed without considering compatibility with existing devwiki plugins. If you use the following plugins, compatibility issues may occur or functions will be duplicated.


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