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Also see UserTags, an expanded version of this script.

This snippet adds an "inactive" tag to the user pages, user talk pages, message walls and blog pages of users who haven't made any edit of any sort in the last three months.



You can override the text by editing your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.js file as follows:

InactiveUsers = { text: 'inattivo' };

You can also override the CSS by assigning properties to class "inactive-user":

.inactive-user {
    background-color: rgb(180,180,180);
    color: rgb(80,80,80);
    text-transform: lowercase !important;

Every once in a while a user decides to leave a wiki for good. It might be a good idea to label such users as "inactive" right away. This should prevent their talk pages to fill up with posts that will probably go unanswered. Any name that you add to this list will be labeled as "inactive" immediately:

InactiveUsers = { gone: ['User1', 'User2'] };

It's possible that three months of inactivity have more meaning on younger wikis than on older wikis. Feel free to set your own limit:

InactiveUsers = { months: 2 };

If you want to set more than one option, you need to add them to the same object:

InactiveUsers = { 
    months: 2,
    gone: ['Gebruiker1', 'Gebruiker2'],
    text: 'inactief'
importScriptPage('InactiveUsers/code.js', 'dev');


The original idea to this snippet comes from Sam Wang.


  • UserTags — Provides the same functionality as well as the ability to create more labels besides just "inactive".
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