InfoWidgets filter your wiki's pages by various criteria and automatically generate short lists of links. Think of InfoWidgets as the reports from your Special:SpecialPages in pocket format.

The currently available widgets are:

  • Recently Edited Pages
  • New Pages
  • New Files
  • Article Stubs
  • Red Links
  • Visitor's Contributions
  • Visitor's Watchlist
  • Active Talk Pages



You can see a demo of all current widgets to the right of this article. They are actually meant to live separately and not in the same container as they do here, but this way it's possible to show them all on the same page.

As you'll probably notice these widgets are live. They will update once a minute (as long as this page is in your active browser window (and your browser is your active application)).

To add InfoWidgets to a page you place a regular div (or any other block tag) on your page first. Then you use JavaScript to load the InfoWidgets and feed them the container's ID. The InfoWidgets will do the rest.

Technically speaking InfoWidgets are nothing more than AJAX frontends for Fandom's API. Any listing the API can deliver can be fetched with InfoWidgets. Additionally InfoWidgets can process Fandom's atom feeds.

That means the whole concept is very flexible. Other configurations could easily be added: a listing of recently commented articles for example, or a listing of the current page's editors, or a listing of unused categories, etc. Feel free to add your own or post a request on the Talk page.

And last not least: InfoWidgets can easily be adapted to the look and feel of your page. The visuals are completely up to you. The select and the "more" link at the bottom you see in the demo on the right are not part of the widget itself. The widget only creates the list of links. The default loading image looks like this: Facebook throbber

But that too can be changed. Check out the landing page of the Jade Empire Modding Wiki for an example with a different look and feel.


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Being quite the wiki-noob I had to consult the Technical Help forum a number of times. Forumites RandomTime, The 888th Avatar, Fandyllic and others helped me quite a bit. Thank you! And an even bigger thank you goes to Grunny from Fandom staff!